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New Flip camera embraces hi-def

Flip goes HD
Flip goes HD

Pure Digital Technologies is a company renowned for its budget-friendly camcorders. Its Flip range of camcorders have been stupidly successful, mainly because they embrace the cheap and cheerful.

Now the company has added some decent image quality to its camera range, in the form of the Flip MinoHD.

The camera houses 4GB in-built storage, which can hold up to an hour of footage and has a two-hour battery – so you can pack the camera with footage twice before re-juicing.

HD shooting

Footage is shot at 720p and in 16:9 ratio. The camera itself is pocket sized, measuring just 4x2x0.6 inches.

The camcorder is compatible with both Mac and PCs and has direct uploading to the likes of YouTube, MySpace and AOL Video.

It is available now in the US for $229.99. There's no UK announcement as of yet, but considering we only just got the Flip Mino in October, expect a much longer wait.