Kristina Terech

Computing Writer

Kristina is a UK-based Computing Writer, and is interested in all things computing, software, tech, mathematics and science. Previously, she has written articles about popular culture, economics, and miscellaneous other topics.

She has a personal interest in the history of mathematics, science, and technology; in particular, she closely follows AI and philosophically-motivated discussions.

As well as being interested in STEM, she enjoys a variety of other activities - everything from art to cooking to languages. If there is an ongoing exhibition of any nature, there’s a good chance she has already seen it or at least heard of it. She likes making things with her hands - origami animals, needlecraft, papercraft, new recipes, shadow puppets - whatever catches her fancy that week. 

She has dedicated a good chunk of her life to The Sims and enjoys Minecraft, and the fastest way to win her approval is a 10/10 picture of a raccoon (that she hasn’t seen before).

Articles by: Kristina Terech