WifiMask VPN review

A basic yet efficient VPN

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TechRadar Verdict

WifiMask doesn’t have many servers, fancy feature-rich apps or support for many forms of payment. However, it provides an efficient VPN service with support for torrenting, plenty of concurrent VPN connections, decent download speeds, BBC iPlayer unblocking capabilities, and fast email customer support. The cherry on top is the 3-day free trial that allows you to take the platform for a spin before you buy.


  • +

    Up to 10 simultaneous connections

  • +

    Solid speeds

  • +

    3-day free trial

  • +

    Unblocks BBC iPlayer

  • +

    Fast customer support


  • -

    Basic apps

  • -

    Small server network

  • -

    Some servers aren’t where they’re shown

  • -

    Doesn’t unblock Netflix

  • -

    Payment only through credit/debit cards

  • -

    No live chat

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WifiMask is a simple yet efficient VPN service that mainly focuses on Mac and iOS users, but it has solutions for Windows and Android too. 


If you need a VPN on your iOS device only, you’ll pay €4.99 (roughly $6) monthly, or €29 (roughly $35) if you go for the annual subscription. These plans support up to 5 simultaneous VPN connections.

However, if your needs are a bit more extensive and include VPN coverage for Mac, Windows and Android, the price rises to €9.99 (roughly $12) per month and €49 (roughly $60) for the annual option. These subscriptions allow you to run up to 10 concurrent VPN connections.

WifiMask offers a three-day trial and you don’t even need to leave your financial details. Just register with an email address and password and you’re good to go.

And even if you do pay for the service but end up regretting it, there’s a 14-day money-back policy at your disposal, no questions asked.

Unfortunately, the only accepted payment method is by credit/debit card.


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While WifiMask is a decent VPN solution for a modest user, the best VPN experience is guaranteed by the likes of ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Surfshark, and CyberGhost, all of which have live chat customer service, huge server networks, apps for all the major platforms (and then some), unblock Netflix, support various payment methods, and offer generous money-back guarantees.


We had no luck trying to access Netflix US content with this provider. However, we had no difficulty watching whatever content on BBC iPlayer and YouTube we wanted.

About the company

WifiMask service was created by House of Cyber B.V., a small independent company located in The Netherlands. It offers access to 21 VPN servers with a virtually unlimited number of IP addresses in seven countries: The Netherlands, UK, US, Germany, India, Canada, and Singapore. If you need more locations, you can contact the provider and request them.

Privacy and encryption

To ensure sensitive user data is private at all times, this provider deploys only the best encryption: AES-256 GCM, 4096-bit RSA, and Perfect Forward Secrecy using 4096-bit Diffie Hellman keys.

WifiMask’s additional features include ads & malware blocker, SmartDNS and IPv6 leak protection. On Mac and iOS, that is. If you’re a Windows or Android user, you’re limited to the SmartDNS and IPv6 leak protection feature.

There’s also the automatic kill switch feature, which blocks your internet access if there's no VPN connection at the moment.

The provider has a strict no-logs policy and states that, under the Dutch law, it is “not required to retain its customers’ communications metadata for perusal by the authorities”, since “a court in the Hague suspended the previously in place Dutch data retention law” in 2014.

Its Privacy Policy lists in detail all the data that isn’t collected by WifiMask during your VPN sessions, including user traffic or the content of any communications, connection timestamps, and IP addresses from where you’re connecting. It also says it doesn’t carry out deep packet or shallow packet inspections of your traffic. This is all very convincing but we’re still hoping the provider will follow in the footsteps of some of the major VPNs and provide an independent audit of its no-logging policy.

WifiMask also doesn’t block P2P networks like BitTorrent, and customer support confirmed to us that torrenting is permitted.


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User-friendly yet basic apps are available for Mac and iOS users. You can also use the platform on Windows and Android, albeit only through third-party software and config files.

At the time of writing, the iOS app has a rating of 3.7 stars (out of 5) but has only been rated three users. The app was last updated over a year before the review was written.

WifiMask provides some details about its service on the website, either in the Features or FAQ section, but this is far from the massive knowledge bases and libraries that some of its competitors typically have.

If you need help from someone on the team, you can send an email message or contact them via WhatsApp. There’s also a Twitter profile you can interact with. We tested the email route and got a response surprisingly quickly - in just 5 minutes. Since there’s no live chat option on the website, this response time is very encouraging. 

Speed and experience

WifiMask is very intuitive and easy to use, regardless of what supported platform you’re using it on. Even with third-party OpenVPN Connect software, the process went smoothly and we were connected in no time.

We conducted our tests on our home office’s 73Mbps connection and location in Southeast Europe, with some surprising results.

The ‘Closest & Fastest’ server turned out to be in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and it delivered 48.08Mbps, which is excellent considering our testing speed.

We then tested the server marked ‘London’ but our tests showed it was actually in The Netherlands. Regardless, we got 20.11Mbps from it, which is nice for that location, although slightly slower than what some of the major names deliver.

Then it was time for a bigger challenge: New York. This time the location of the server was correct and it delivered a decent 16.16Mbps. 

Finally, we tested the server that was shown as ‘Bengaluru, India’ (it was actually in Singapore) and got a decent 10.79Mbps.


WifiMask does what it’s supposed to, providing users with sturdy online privacy and unblocking certain geo-restricted content (except Netflix), all without recording user data.

However, unlike the major VPN players, it doesn’t provide independent confirmation of its no-logging claims, it has a very narrow server network, limited platform support, and its apps are basic.

That said, it supports plenty of simultaneous VPN connections, provides some very usable speeds, offers quick customer support and even allows users to take its platform for a spin with a no-strings-attached free trial.

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