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Use Tipalti Accounts Payable to automate your business invoicing and payment tasks

Tipalti Accounts Payable
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Tipaldi comes with an impressive range of features and boasts a dashboard that simplifies many of the core accounts payable tasks. It’s especially useful for those sending payments internationally.


  • +

    Automates several processes

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    Works with multiple currencies

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    Integrates with tax forms


  • -

    Some areas still a work in progress

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    More customization options needed

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Tipalti Accounts Payable is a great option if you run an expanding business that needs to process and pay bills on a regular basis. The cloud-based billing software  is fully scalable so it can grow with your company requirements, while a definite bonus is that Tipaldi can handle multiple currencies. That means it’ll be useful if you work with clients or customers across geographical boundaries.

Despite its powerful core, the front-end user interface of Tipaldi is satisfyingly simple, with a dashboard area that makes light work of everyday office administration tasks. While Tipaldi might be a little too involved for smaller businesses, who will be better placed looking at more predictable software options, this package will be useful to companies with higher volumes of accounts payable chores to get through.

Tipalti Accounts Payable

Tipalti Accounts Payable comes in two different package options (Image credit: Tipalti)


While Tipalti is fully scalable it initially comes in two different package options. Before you sign up it’s easy to get a full demo and speak to staff about your requirements. From there it’s possible to choose from either the Tipalti Express edition, with a platform fee that starts at $299 per month or, secondly, Tipalti Pro

The latter has a platform fee which starts at a sizeable $447 per month, but this package is obviously tailored to larger business concerns with more accounts payable tasks to take on. As Tipaldi itself explains on the company website, pricing is designed to grow with your business. In that respect it’s pretty simple to add in extra functionality as required, such as being able to deal with W-8 tax forms or handling payments to several different international territories.

Tipalti Accounts Payable

It's easy to get started once you've had a demo of the software (Image credit: Tipalti)


The core functionality of Tipaldi is to help you manage and process payments to suppliers and business partners, and for that it comes very well equipped. What adds to the appeal is the way Tipaldi can be used to process payments across international borders, so it’s therefore going to be useful to companies that deal with clients on a worldwide basis. 

There’s the ability to process payments in the local currency of over 190 countries. However, the cloud-based software also comes with a formidable set of functions that let you not only process invoices, but handle tax responsibilities, resolve any payment issues and closely monitor any possible instances of fraud with its built-in tools. 

Tipaldi is also useful for producing detailed payee reporting while it’s also got an inbuilt risk module that can help your company identify suspicious payees. With security risks at an all time high due to issues with coronavirus and growing rates of cybercrime, any additional fraud prevention tools are always welcome.

Tipalti Accounts Payable

Tipalti Accounts Payable is robustly engineered to help combat fraud issues (Image credit: Tipalti)


Considering the fact that Tipaldi has been designed and built to work across borders means that it is suitably robust, particularly when it comes to handling high volumes of payments to other countries. While making payments to other locations around the world is often mired in red tape and security issues, Tipaldi has been engineered to monitor over 26,000 rules and regulations. The way that it can automate these tasks makes it an impressive cloud-based performer.

Tipalti Accounts Payable

The Tipalti Accounts Payable interface is workmanlike but powerful (Image credit: Tipalti)

Ease of use

Tipalti has a clean, no-nonsense user interface, which has been nicely developed to make your workflow as straightforward as possible. Working inside the desktop edition, there are clear tabs identifying core menu options such as Payments, Bills, Payees, Reports, Detect, Documents and Administration. 

Scroll down the page and all of your data is laid out in workmanlike fashion, with everything in easy view, which is a real boon if your business has a large customer or client base. In terms of useful features then Tipaldi has plenty to speed up workflow, with numerous ways to make payments including ACH, wire transfer, Global ACH or eCheck as well as PayPal, prepaid debit cards and paper checks too.

Tipalti Accounts Payable

Used correctly Tipalti Accounts Payable can help improve business efficiency (Image credit: Tipalti)


If you’re working inside the Tipalti interface then there is direct access to support options, which means that help is always at hand when you need it. Account holders can contact Tipaldi support directly too, using phone or email as and when necessary. 

Tipalti Accounts Payable

Tipalti Accounts Payable features a strong support presence for account holders (Image credit: Tipalti)

They’re also keen for users to report any potential vulnerabilities that they might spot while using the system, which is encouraging and ultimately helps produce a much better package over time.

Final verdict

Tipaldi is a powerful accounts payable system that benefits greatly from its powerful cloud-based structure. Its ability to process payments internationally, and using multiple currencies where needed, will be hugely beneficial for companies that have a global customer or client list. 

While Tipaldi might be a little too over-engineered for those businesses with a more domestic-oriented workflow it is still worth considering if you’re looking to take your company into new regions. The package seems easily scalable, which means it should be able to support a growing business and the way it automates many of the normally stressful issues surrounding payments makes it a very worthwhile proposition.

As always, if you're running a slightly smaller business then it's worth checking out those other major players in this market such as Sage Business Cloud Accounting, QuickBooks, Xero, FreshBooks, Freeagent, GoSimpleTax, TaxCalc, Nomisma, ABC Self-Assessment, Crunch or Zoho Books

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