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A feature-packed MDM system with a free evaluation period

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A complete mobile device management system, SOTI MobiControl boasts vast device compatibility and can be hosted on-premises or in the cloud. Various license options are available to keep your MDM within budget, and the software is also available with a 28-day free evaluation period.


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    Feature packed

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    Legacy device support

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    Supports multiple operating systems and form factors


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    Hard sell approach during evaluation period

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Mobile Device Management (MDM) systems are at their best when they cover the complete range of mobile hardware. While compatible with a wide range of devices, MDM software must also be easy to configure and enroll devices on.

SOTI MobiControl is one of several mobility and IoT solutions from SOTI. It aims to provide a simple user interface for managing multiple form factor device types from various vendors running most operating systems.

It simplifies the security and management of multi-vendor, multi-form-factor, and multi-operating devices in your multi-purpose business mobility deployment – all through a single, easy-to-use interface.

In this review, we'll look at what SOTI MobiControl offers to manage multiple mobile devices.


SOTI MobiControl aims to make it easier for organizations to manage their mobile workforces (Image credit: SOTI)


SOTI MobiControl offers an extensive range of features that can effectively manage a fleet of devices across different users, operating systems, and locations. The software supports several operating systems, including Google Android, Apple iOS and macOS, Microsoft Windows, and Linux, and is compatible with Zebra mobile computer enterprise devices.

This software simplifies securing and managing mobile hardware throughout its lifecycle with multiple enrollment methods such as SOTI Stage, Apple DEP, Android Zero-Touch, and Samsung KME. SOTI MobiControl's advanced IoT management feature is particularly noteworthy as it supports Linux, making it the first solution for managing Linux-based mobile devices and endpoints. With the increasing use of IoT devices in various industries, this feature is a valuable addition to the software.

Features 2

SOTI integrates with other products from the company as well as many third-party solutions (Image credit: SOTI)

SOTI MobiControl offers seamless integration with SOTI Hub and SOTI Surf, giving you access to essential documents and files from anywhere on your mobile device. With mobile app management, you can quickly deploy applications across a multi-OS environment, whether using your device, a company-owned device, or a device of your choice.

Android 11's COPE implementation is fully supported, and with SOTI MobiControl, Premium Plus, and Enterprise Plus Service, customers can keep track of system health with the System Health Dashboard. This dashboard provides a real-time view of the past 48 hours of activity, including critical operational stats on queue lengths, processing time, mobile CPU and database health, and server health.

Installation and setup

SOTI MobiControl offers on-premises and remote cloud hosting options, depending on your needs. If you have the required expertise and resources, on-premises installation may be a viable choice. However, it can bring about complications when adding new services. 

Depending on your setup, scale, and budget, you'll need to consider whether a dedicated or virtual server is required. In such cases, cloud hosting may be a more practical solution for using SOTI MobiControl. Furthermore, enrollment is quick and supported across various device types, generations, and platforms.


SOTI has numerous guides available on its site to help you get MobiControl working on a variety of operating systems (Image credit: SOTI)


SOTI MobiControl is a highly versatile and powerful device management solution that can be used with a wide range of hardware. One of the critical benefits of SOTI MobiControl is that it is compatible with various devices, including the latest smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even older devices like PDAs. This makes it an excellent choice for businesses that want a comprehensive device management solution capable of managing all their different devices.

Unlike other MDM solutions, such as Jamf, which primarily cater to Apple devices, SOTI MobiControl is compatible with a wide range of different devices and operating systems, including Android, iOS, and Windows tablets, Android devices used by couriers, and even legacy Windows PDAs. This means businesses that use SOTI MobiControl can manage all of their devices from a single platform, saving them time and money.

Overall, SOTI MobiControl is an excellent choice for businesses that want a comprehensive device management solution compatible with various devices and operating systems. Whether you are managing a fleet of smartphones and tablets or older devices like PDAs, SOTI MobiControl can help you keep your devices secure and up-to-date while providing you with a wide range of powerful management tools and features.


Regarding SOTI MobiControl, its presence is mainly inconspicuous from the endpoint's point of view. However, this can vary depending on the provisioning type in use.

On the administrative end, SOTI MobiControl offers a simple browser-based user interface. This makes selecting the relevant devices, gathering information, and creating groups easy. It also allows for specific permissions, applications, patches, and updates to be rolled out based on device role, user location, and other considerations.

Endpoints can be located according to various criteria, such as device name, manufacturer, model, operating system, remaining battery life, memory, and standard identifiers like phone number, owner's username, and MAC address.

Free Trial

SOTI offers a free trial of MobiControl for evaluation purposes (Image credit: SOTI)

Plans and pricing

If you're interested in SOTI MobiControl, a free trial is available for evaluation purposes. This lasts 28 days but freezes after seven days of inactivity and is closed after a further seven. Strict pricing is on a business-by-business case, with scalable options, but based around a $4.00 per device per month license for the cloud system and $3.25 per device per month for on-premises hosting.

A $90 per device per month option is also available, with $18 per year for maintenance. 

With such flexible pricing available to suit any business dynamic, SOTI MobiControl is a smart choice. However, beware of the hard sell. I was contacted several times during the evaluation despite informing the sales team early on that I would email them when I had questions. If you're not keen on being rushed into deciding on software procurement, this may understandably put you off.

Final verdict

SOTI MobiControl is a device management solution that offers extensive support for various devices without overwhelming you with unnecessary features. It caters to multiple device management scenarios, including BYOD, CYOD, COBO, and COPE, ensuring your devices remain up-to-date, error-free, and secure from misuse.

The evaluation period for SOTI MobiControl is very generous. Still, it's important to note that the sales team may contact you frequently to schedule a demo, as they're eager to close the deal quickly.

Whether you prefer on-premises or cloud hosting, setting up and implementing SOTI MobiControl should be a breeze. Additionally, Premium and Enterprise Plus subscriptions offer a System Health Dashboard that provides a useful 48-hour overview of various operational stats, highlighting the full potential of SOTI MobiControl.

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