RescueTouch review

The SOS mobile GPS medical alert system provides a unique experience for senior couples

RescueTouch Review
The SOS mobile GPS medical alert system provides a unique experience for senior couples.
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RescueTouch is different from most medical alert companies, offering only mobile alert systems with packages that range from only calling 911 to calling an emergency monitoring center. This service was our pick for senior couples because of the Chit Chat feature, which allows seniors to communicate with each other around the house and yard. This is great if you're aging in place with your partner.


  • +

    Affordable base package

  • +

    Stylish & waterproof design

  • +

    Multiple support options


  • -

    Slow response time

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    Low speaker volume

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    No self help content

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In the realm of medical alert services, RescueTouch stands apart as a unique and innovative option. The company, now known as Florida Health Alert and Technology, has recently expanded and rebranded to focus on telehealth solutions, with RescueTouch being a key facet of its offerings. What sets RescueTouch apart is its specialized focus on providing a single, feature-rich mobile GPS device that empowers individuals to live safely and independently in their homes.

In our comprehensive RescueTouch review, we highlight the exceptional Chit-Chat feature, which is a unique offering that allows senior couples to communicate with each other like walkie-talkies through the device. This innovative feature enhances communication between senior loved ones, making it an ideal solution for couples who want to stay connected and feel safe. The Chit-Chat feature is a standout characteristic that sets RescueTouch apart from other medical alert systems, solidifying its position as our top choice for the best medical alert system for senior couples.

RescueTouch: Medical alert systems

RescueTouch provides a single mobile medical alert system with various features. The device is waterproof, has GPS capabilities, and can detect falls. It comes in various colors and connects to either AT&T or T-Mobile.

Multiple packages are available to suit different needs:

Family Response: The device calls a family member or neighbor for assistance instead of an emergency response center.

Family Response with Fall Detect: This package adds fall detection to the Family Response package.

Chit-Chat Twin-Pack: Allows two devices to chat with each other while also contacting family members or neighbors. 

9-1-1 Direct: Calls 911 directly; it is the most affordable medical alert system on the market.

The Whole Shebang!: Includes everything from family connection to fall detection and connects to an emergency response center instead of 911, although direct 911 calling remains an option.

Chit-Chat Monitored: Can contact an emergency response center while also providing a chit-chat feature with an added device.

We also like that the pendant is waterproof, does not need a landline, and is lightweight.

RescueTouch Review

The RescueTouch SOS GPS medical alert system is waterproof. (Image credit: Future)

Throughout our testing, the RescueTouch seldom encountered any problems. Initially, we believed we had received a defective unit due to its inability to charge. However, we eventually discovered that it requires a firm push into the docking unit, accompanied by a perceptible vibration, to initiate charging. Notably, we did not experience any false alerts with the RescueTouch. The only other service that makes a similar claim is GreatCall. 

While the RescueTouch speaker quality could be improved in terms of clarity and loudness, it is adequate for effective communication. Compared to other mobile medical alert systems with larger speakers, it falls short in terms of clarity. However, RescueTouch excels in fall detection, with an impressive success rate of 70%, which is considerably higher than most fall detection pendants and mobile devices, which are known to be either overly sensitive or miss some events.

RescueTouch: Emergency response center

RescueTouch is associated with AvantGuard, a distinguished monitoring center in Ogden, Utah, where we conducted our service evaluation. AvantGuard also maintains a call center in Rexburg, Idaho, ensuring redundancy in the event of capacity issues. This monitoring center handles various services, including home security, carbon monoxide, and fire. Consequently, the operators receive comprehensive training.

RescueTouch Review

The SOS mobile GPS device charges in a cradle. (Image credit: Future)

Despite this promising partnership, the performance was underwhelming. RescueTouch's call response times were below average, with an average of 80 seconds in the first round of testing and 85 seconds in the second round. In comparison, GreatCall, a competing service, achieved significantly faster response times, averaging 20 seconds in the first round and 15 seconds in the second round.

The quality of the customer service calls was underwhelming. A significant portion of our requests were handled by indifferent and rushed operators. They neglected to verify our identity and seldom inquired about our well-being. The service was not terrible, but it fell short of expectations. When evaluating an emergency response service, "sufficient" is simply not enough; it needs to be exceptional.

RescueTouch: Medical alert service

RescueTouch stands out in the medical alert and health monitoring industry due to its exceptional service approach. They have opted for mobile systems, which are superior and safer for seniors, eliminating the need for in-home systems. Moreover, RescueTouch offers unique features like the family chat. This allows seniors to easily connect with family members or neighbors through text or calls, making them more likely to press the emergency button when needed. It also acknowledges that not all situations require an emergency response, providing a practical solution for minor assistance. 

RescueTouch Review

RescueTouch focuses on senior couples like no other service. (Image credit: Rescue Touch)

The highlight of the service is the Chit-Chat feature, especially appreciated by senior couples living together. This feature allows them to communicate with each other from different rooms, flirting, keeping an eye on each other, or seeking assistance when necessary. Unlike many medical alert services that assume seniors live alone, this service recognizes the needs of senior couples. 

RescueTouch: Cost comparison

RescueTouch offers affordable medical alert packages, including the 9-1-1 Direct package. This package costs just $29 per month and allows users to call 911 with the press of a button. It is a mobile system, which is safer than some in-home landline systems. However, it only calls 911 and does not have features like fall detection or family text alerts.

RescueTouch Review

The Whole She-bang option is the best value. (Image credit: RescueTouch)

The company's other packages are similar to those offered by other companies. The Whole Shabang package costs $49 per month and includes fall detection and GPS features. The Chit-Chat package costs $74 per month and includes two devices and allows users to communicate with caregivers. 

RescueTouch: Support

The options for support are limited, and we put our antenna up when we see a phone number for sales, and also an email, but only the latter for support. There is also a support portal, but it is not clear if it is for sales, support, or both. There is also a chat, but it was offline in the late afternoon, while sales stays open from 8 am to 8 pm 7 days a week.

We also did not find any self help options, such as videos, guides, FAQ’s or a forum.

RescueTouch: Final verdict

RescueTouch may be the solution for you if you're dissatisfied with what other medical alert services have to offer because it operates differently from the competition. It only provides mobile medical alert systems and comes with exclusive packages like family monitoring—which lets you call your loved ones when you're in need of assistance—and the chit-chat option, which lets you talk to your spouse. 

RescueTouch's packages vary greatly from other providers, making it challenging to draw comparisons between them. However, we weren't pleased with the phone response times or call quality if you choose to use the full monitoring program. Still, the fall detection was quite good, and the pendant has its advantages like being fully waterproof making this provider worth a close look, especially for an elderly couple.

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