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Media is a key part of any tablet, and while Surface puts its emphasis heavily on multitasking and productivity, it's still a media consumption device.

Microsoft has pulled a lot of its services together for Windows 8, including providing two apps which plug into the well-established Xbox Music and Xbox Video apps which are supplied as standard on Surface RT.

Microsoft Surface review

These offer movie purchases and rentals and the Music app even enables free streaming of 30 million tracks, with a Spotify-style subscription model.

If you want to know more about these in detail, then head over to the Windows 8 review, but it makes Surface an excellent media-focused device.

Microsoft Surface review

The 16:9 aspect ratio means TV and movies look great, and Microsoft has also called in favours with the likes of Netflix for great content from third parties, and we hope there will be more to follow.

In terms of the content on offer from Windows Store and the built-in Xbox Store it's clear that Microsoft is still very much in third place in the lead up to Christmas.

Microsoft Surface review

The selection of movies is incomplete, TV shows are too US focused and too expensive, games is a strong area for Windows but it's yet to take off and books are catered for almost soley by Kindle.

As a device for enjoying them, however, Surface works well. The kickstand means you can prop it up to enjoy movies or shows on iPlayer (which work from within the browser in the absence of a dedicated app).

Microsoft Surface review

There's also micro HDMI, which means that Surface can be connected to a TV or external display, and used in presentations much more easily than the iPad.

Of course, Surface has a trick up its sleeve that the iPad can only dream of. The ability to watch media files of all types and be able to load them via USB or MicroSD, rather than the annoying proprietary iTunes software, is a big coup for Surface.