Dell Venue Pro 10 5055 review

Can Dell earn a passing grade in the classroom?

Dell Venue 10 Pro 5055 review

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You can't expect miracles if you're not willing to pay for them. If you require a budget device that can withstand some wear and tear, while providing a decent user experience, then you've come to the right place. Unfortunately, there will be issues that influence your opinion about this machine, none of which should completely turn you off.

We liked

For budget-conscious students, especially those younger and in-the-classroom, the 5055 can definitely power a full day of learning. Dell's accessories, the Active Stylus and Venue Keyboard, both added to a solid experience, with the Stylus performing as well as any I've ever used. The display is of good quality as well, the accuracy of both finger and stylus touch was always unquestionable

We disliked

The decisions made to keep this unit affordable left me scratching my head. The USB 2 Micro is the most particular and fragile port there is, and could lead to problems with students and teachers hurriedly trying to connect it. Further, the hinge, which can give an incorrect audio-cue that it's docking process is done, is far from great.

Final verdict

For the price you pay for the tablet, the Venue Keyboard and the Active Stylus, the 5055 offers a deal, just one that you'll have to treat with kid gloves. When you take a risk on a low-end device, you sometimes expect to be penalized for it down the road. As long as you make sure to take care when connecting power, and to give a firm hand when docking to the keyboard, the 5055 should be a good solution for your student's needs. Sure it may not have the flashy TouchID or A8X that the iPad Air 2 can boast, or the stellar 10-hour battery life and processor power that makes the Venue Pro 7000 a suitable option, but the 5055 is enough for your average student, especially on the lower end of the age-spectrum