Argos MyTablet (Windows) review

Can a bigger screen wow the crowd?

Argos MyTablet (Windows)

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We liked

Argos has cut the price of this tablet, which is just as well – at its £130 launch price, the MyTablet was far too expensive compared to the competition. £99.99 is a slightly more palatable price but probably not enough to entice bargain hunters away from smaller models. That said, the bigger display might be useful for some, and it's also worth noting that the battery life was way better than I was expecting.

We disliked

While Argos gets some cookie points for adopting an 8-inch screen, the display has several disappointing flaws, and for us the tablet has a poor finish in some respects.

Final verdict

With so many identikit tablets out there, it is hard (and becoming harder) to differentiate one model from another. What all this translates to is a gradual focus on price, which almost always leads to corners being cut or companies leaving the market because it is rapidly becoming uneconomical to compete there. The Windows entry-level tablet segment has all the ingredients for that to happen in the second half of this year.

But back to the Argos MyTablet – it is a decent piece of kit but will face some tough competition from a raft of other similarly priced Windows-based tablets, especially as vendors will try to clear out the existing range of devices ahead of the summer launch of Windows 10, and the new range of low-cost Intel processors.

Desire Athow
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