Crucial MX100 512GB review

Half a terabyte of affordable solid-state storage

Crucial MX100 512GB
This is one competitive SSD offering from Crucial

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We liked

The Crucial MX100 is brilliant value for money, with a lower RRP than the majority of other SSDs. It's fast in all tests we ran on it, and it has every feature you might want.

The drive endurance may not be market-leading, but it's far from poor. It would surely take a while to run the drive down.

We disliked

While I only tested the 512GB model, it seems the 256GB and 128GB versions don't perform quite as well. There's no 1TB version either, which is a bit of a shame, since it would be amazing to see a 1TB consumer SSD with a really low price.

And while performance is really good, the MX100 isn't the very best performing SSD money can buy.

Final verdict

If someone asked me to recommend an SSD for them, the 512GB Crucial MX100 would definitely be one I'd consider. While the Samsung 850 Pro comfortably retains its top spot on the SSD performance chart, the MX100 puts in a good show, and costs a full £100 less for 512GB.

It beats the 845DC Evo in some tests too, leaving us thinking that it deserves a strong recommendation, especially if you're upgrading your storage on a limited budget. Since many firms are selling 256GB SSDs for only slightly less than the cost of the MX100, it makes sense to pay a little extra and go for more capacity.