Lenovo LaVie Z review

The lightest laptop in the world

Lenovo LaVie Z

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I imagine the LaVie will be a lightning rod within the tech community. Its weight, performance and display are among the best available today. However, the laptop's somewhat questionable build, inferior battery life, and inflated price tag are going to turn many off of what is an otherwise splendid device.

We liked

How can you complain about a record-breaking device? By creating the 1.87-pound LaVie HZ550, Lenovo has accomplished something no other laptop manufacturer has been able to thus far. This alone merits celebration.

When you combine this achievement with a gorgeous screen, superior performance and a bevy of ports, there's very little not to love about the Lenovo LaVie HZ550.

We disliked

Unfortunately, the LaVie's battery life, although in-line with some of the competition, is still not best-in-class. The laptop's build is also questionable, as it felt flimsy and malleable. And the device's Japanese-origin keyboard is going to leave American users scratching their heads.

Neither of these complaints would knock the LaVie out of contention for best Ultrabook status. However, when combined with its hefty price tag, which is about $700 more expensive than its competitors, these minor quibbles become major flaws.

Final verdict

The Lenovo LaVie HZ550 is one of the best laptops money can buy. It's the lightest device in its class. It's fast and powerful. It's easy to look at. Plus, you'll be dazzled by its pretty display.

However, it's vastly more expensive than its direct competition – two of which are near-perfect laptops, and one of which is the most popular laptop on the planet. If money isn't an object, you're probably better off buying the Lenovo LaVie Z 360, which features a 360-degree hinge and a touchscreen, for only $200 more.

Having taken all that into consideration, I enjoyed using the LaVie Z HZ550. Simply put, this laptop demands your consideration if you're in the market for something you'll be proud to own.