Moneydance finance management software review

Moneydance is beefy but easy to use financial management software

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TechRadar Verdict

Moneydance comes ideally suited to Mac users with its delicious interface but also takes on the task of money management whatever your preferred platform, especially mobile.


  • +

    Quick and easy

  • +

    Reassuringly secure

  • +

    Solid mobile editions

  • +

    Alternative to Quicken


  • -

    One-off initial cost

  • -

    No phone support

  • -

    Less appeal outside USA

  • -

    Demo version is limited

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Moneydance has been a popular desktop money management solution for a long while now and has lots of Mac users as fans. Whilst it’s certainly a treat to use on the Apple OS platform, this personal finance software is also available for Windows and Linux. 

Whichever flavor you’re keen on the software is undeniably quick and easy to use, which is a bonus during the coronavirus crisis. And, if you’re in the US then it has been continually improved to work with all of your bank accounts, which makes it hugely appealing, as well as credit cards and investments. 

Getting setup is a no-fuss operation and it represents pretty good value, especially as your Moneydance license is able to cover your household, rather than unique machines. If you’re looking for an alternative to something like Quicken then Moneydance is certainly up there in the running. Other similar budgeting software options include Banktree and Money Dashboard.

Moneydance: Pricing

Moneydance comes with a price tag of $49.99 and that covers any of the different versions, so from the Mac OSX edition through to the Windows and Linux versions the cost is the same. There are also editions available for those who prefer a mobile solution, with versions on iOS and Android. 

However, the good news is that when you download the software you do actually get a demo edition, which allows you to discover the features and functionality of Moneydance before committing fully. 

That said, you’ll subsequently need to pay the $49.99 fee for the software in order to lift the limitations that prevent the demo option being a full bells and whistles experience.


Moneydance is packed with tools for getting a better insight into your investments (Image credit: The Infinite Kind Ltd)

Moneydance: Features

Moneydance comes full-to-the-brim with a comprehensive selection of features. Central to getting the best from this software is its ability to hook up with countless American financial institutions. If you’ve got multiple bank accounts and want to streamline your finances then Moneydance is therefore great at tackling the job in hand. 

The best thing about this is that, once configured, Moneydance can download and send payments online, whilst also producing a clean and easy-to-digest overview of what’s going on with your cashflow. The Moneydance interface is comprehensive it has to be said, with a cool hierarchical menu system that lets you dip into every facet of your money, from bank accounts to credit cards to investments and more besides. 


Being able to see all of your transactions makes Moneydance a good rival to Quicken (Image credit: The Infinite Kind Ltd)

You’ll also find some dazzling multi-colored graphs and reports to pick through once you’ve got the software in top gear, which is brilliant for getting a comprehensive overview of your money.


Moneydance is able to deliver superb graphical overviews of all your finances (Image credit: The Infinite Kind Ltd)

Moneydance: Performance

Moneydance has been designed to work across multiple platforms and, it has to be said, seems to have been honed perfectly to work on them all. Most notably, the mobile editions have a really nice edge to them and, as well as being enjoyable to use, are also stable and dependable. 

If you're using the software on a desktop machine then the experience is just as good, even if you’ve got mountains of financial data to manage. Indeed, considering how complex a picture Moneydance often has to work with the whole process seems to enjoy being given a run for its money. 

The Infinite Kind Limited, those clever people behind the software, also underline that all of your data is private, encrypted and never shared, which is what you would hope for.


Once configured the Moneydance reminder system proves to be an invaluable aid (Image credit: The Infinite Kind Ltd)

Moneydance: Ease of use

On initial examination novice users might find that Moneydance looks a little bit intimidating. Fear not though, as the software is actually pretty intuitive. As with any money management software solution, there is an element of effort involved in getting the service set up, but once you’ve got it running Moneydance is wonderfully efficient. 

The same can be said of the mobile editions, which have been optimized to work on smaller screens. Considering you are invariably dealing with lots of transactions and plenty of facts and figures this can often be a weakness with software of this ilk. However, Moneydance pulls off this feat beautifully, and works quite happily, whether you’re on iOS or Android.


Moneydance also delivers a great experience on the mobile platform too (Image credit: The Infinite Kind Ltd)

Moneydance: Support

With such a packed collection of features all jostling for position within the Moneydance interface it might be possible that you end up getting stuck. While Moneydance is actually very easy to master there is also help at hand, with several different options to choose from, depending on the level of your query. 

The ability to open a discussion with its creators is one practical way to go, with the option for keeping these private if you prefer. Elsewhere, you might want to tour the knowledge base, or simply get in touch with any one of several online support staff who will get you back on track. 

Being able to view other public discussions is also a great way to get hints, tips and tricks that you might not otherwise have realized are available within the Moneydance workspace.


After initial setup has been completed Moneydance just gets on the with job (Image credit: The Infinite Kind Ltd)

Moneydance: Final verdict

Moneydance is one of the better financial management software options out there. It comes bristling with all of the tools you need to get a comprehensive overview of your financial circumstances. 

Better yet, Moneydance is also super-efficient at getting your money sorted, categorized and managed as you move forward. Much of the appeal is the way it can be connected to a raft of American financial institutions, but it also excels and sorting out things like payment schedules and so on. 

In fact, if you're looking for a solution that can take on all of your bill-paying chores and remind you that it’s going to happen then Moneydance could be the software for you. Top marks should also be extended to the developers for producing versions that work seamlessly across a variety of platforms efficiently too.

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