InSight Mobile Data Review: Pros & Cons, Features, Ratings, Pricing and more

Powerful fleet management services combined with advanced data collection

InSight Mobile Data
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TechRadar Verdict

An exceptional fleet management and telemetrics solution, that's relatively affordable and has great customer service and a powerful and intuitive user interface.


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    Real-time tracking

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    Available smartphone apps

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    Geofencing notifications

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    Custom reports

  • +

    Direct phone support available


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    Opaque pricing

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    Higher priced

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There are many fleet management systems available on the market, and picking the best one for your company can be a challenging endeavor. InSight Mobile Data has repeatedly surfaced in our search for the top fleet management software and service providers on the internet, and this article will explore the pros and cons of the software. 

To help you decide if InSight Mobile Data is the best fleet management software for your company, we examine multiple facets of this well-known telematics service provider in the remaining sections of this review.

InSight Mobile Data: Plans and pricing

InSight Mobile Data, like the majority of its rivals in the fleet tracking industry, doesn't list prices on its website. Nevertheless, it claims that its variable pricing strategies are determined by the services you need as well as the size of your fleet. It has an online portal where users can specify their required services and indicate the size of their fleet.

To receive a cost estimate, you will have to supply information regarding the kind of vehicle or asset you need to track, your industry, and any specialized technologies you require. Unfortunately, it does not conclude with a specific price, but rather an opportunity to provide an email where the quote can be sent.

Software costs range from $14.95 to $32.95 per month, per vehicle, while hardware costs start at $39.95 per vehicle. For detailed information and to inquire about pricing, users can contact the InSight Mobile Data team via its provided phone number. Additionally, prices may vary depending on the contract length, with options for 1 or 3 years.

InSight Mobile Data fleet management

Reach out to InSight Mobile Data for information about its StreetEagle solutions (Image credit: InSight Mobile Data)

InSight Mobile Data: How it works

With the help of its StreetEagle fleet tracking software, InSight Mobile Data provides strong telematics solutions, but first, you’ll have to choose the plan that fits your needs best

Once you're set up, you'll gain access to a very appealing user dashboard that is packed with useful information. There are also iOS and Android apps available to make fleet management while on the road even simpler. 

The interactive map on the web-based dashboard lets you track the whereabouts and performance of any vehicle in your fleet in real-time. Plus, you can also receive geofencing notifications whenever they enter or leave predetermined zones, view their history for custom time frames, and check how long they have been stopped at specific locations.

Additionally, you can access customizable reports, maintenance details, vehicle settings, and more via the menu on the left side of the screen. You may even view a grid of status information that displays each vehicle in your fleet's position, status, and most recent update. 

InSight Mobile Data fleet management

The StreetEagle interface is powerful and intuitive (Image credit: InSight Mobile Data)

InSight Mobile Data: Features and services

InSight Mobile Data offers a variety of services supported by cutting-edge features and reliable software, much like the majority of high-end fleet tracking service providers. 

The real-time tracking and rapid status check tool is clearly the ‘Killer app.’ To begin with, an interactive map allows you to see the location of every vehicle and also other assets in your entire fleet. 

Additionally, its slick fleet status tools keep an eye on the status of each vehicle. You can find information about each vehicle's present position (such as stopped, in transit, parked, and more) as well as details about how long it has been in that position, and how quickly it is traveling. 

More than twenty distinct metrics and action types can be used to set and manage vehicle alarms. Immediate alerts can be configured for when a motorist enters or exits a geofenced region, when a vehicle needs maintenance, when a driver exceeds a set speed restriction, and a whole lot more. 

Finally, you may build and access over 100  reports based on different data types using the StreetEagle program. Reports can be set up to be emailed to you immediately, or you can download them on demand as the need arise.

InSight Mobile Data fleet management

The StreetEagle platform provides powerful real-time vehicle status information (Image credit: InSight Mobile Data)

InSight Mobile Data: Support

You can benefit from InSight Mobile Data's extensive live support in case you encounter issues with the company's products or services. There are no hours of operation listed, but apparently, it is Monday to Friday 8 AM to 10 PM EST. They are reachable by toll-free phone or email, and any requests made after hours will be noted and attended to as soon as possible the following day. 

In addition, there are numerous self-help tools available, to use when resolving certain issues. These include a variety of practical eBooks, blog posts, and video guides. Even better, you may register for a no-cost training course that will walk you through the fundamentals of utilizing the StreetEagle program.

InSight Mobile Data fleet management

InSight Mobile Data offers a range of live support options (Image credit: InSight Mobile Data)

InSight Mobile Data: The competition

Although InSight Mobile Data provides high-quality, dependable telematics solutions, you might choose to go with another provider with more open pricing information and a proven track record. 

One such business is ClearPathGPS, which has received hundreds of online customer reviews and an average rating of 4.9/5 stars. It offers some of the greatest fleet tracking services available and starts at a relatively reasonable rate of $20 per vehicle, per month. 

US Fleet Tracking is another fantastic alternative that operates in more than 150 nations worldwide. Large, international businesses should consider it because it offers some of the most affordable prices we've ever seen.

InSight Mobile Data: Final verdict

Overall, InSight Mobile Data provides exceptional fleet management and telematics solutions through its StreetEagle software. Reports suggest that it’s relatively affordable and has great customer service and a powerful and intuitive user interface. 

In saying that, there are few customer reviews available online, which makes it hard to fully confirm this company’s reputation. However, the reports we found suggest that it’s certainly worth reaching out to InSight Mobile Data. It is a strong fleet management solution supported by cutting-edge software, with excellent support options.

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