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GoToConnect is a highly flexible VoIP service with video conferencing

GoToConnect homepage October 2022
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GoToConnect combines flexible VoIP and messaging with GoToMeeting video conferencing software. It offers excellent call routing control and reporting features and enables the use of over 180 hardware calling devices.


  • +

    Includes unlimited video conferencing

  • +

    Excellent call routing interface

  • +

    Handy mobile apps


  • -

    Doesn’t include cloud storage

  • -

    No shared hardware devices

  • -

    Pricing varies dramatically by country

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Searching for the best VoIP service for your business? Then it’s worth taking a closer look at GoToConnect, the successor to the popular Jive VoIP platform. GoToConnect offers inexpensive pricing for small and medium-sized businesses, compatibility with an enormous range of devices, and plenty of advanced features to manage and route your calls. 

On top of that, this software includes the GoToMeeting video conferencing software, so you can host video meetings with up to 250 participants (on the most expensive plan).

In our GoToConnect review, we’ll cover everything you need to know to decide if this VoIP service is the best choice for your business.

GoToConnect pricing October 2022

GoToConnect offers pricing in three tiers, linked to specific feature sets (Image credit: GoToConnect)

GoToConnect: plans and pricing

GoToConnect offers three pricing plans: Basic, Standard, and Premium. Basic is just that - basic - with a limit of one placed on recorded greetings, ring groups, and call queues. Standard and Premium plans totally remove the limit, which is a substantial difference.

There are no toll-free minutes included in the plan, and video conferencing is pretty limited, too. There’s a 40-minute duration limit, and only four participants can take part. It is exceptionally cheap, though, at least in the UK where prices are set at £10 per user per month. What’s a little more confusing is the US pricing, which is set at $27 (around 2.5x the price a British company would pay). 

Standard plans are much more well-rounded, with 1,000 included toll-free minutes, support for hot desking, call recording, intercom, and voicemail to email. Up to 25 participants can show their webcams on video calls, with a further 125 supported off-camera. This comes at a cost, though. At £21 per user per month, it’s a lot more expensive than the Basic plan, but not too dissimilar to other companies’ offerings. 

For the end user, Premium plans represent very little in terms of change, besides an additional 225 non-camera participants in a video call with 25 camera-on participants, and 5,000 included toll-free minutes. For companies, the ability to obtain call analytics, monitor calls, generate various reports and create customized dashboard might just cut it. It’s not cheap, though, at £44 per user per month. 

Find out more at the GoTo website.

GoToConnect: features

GoToConnect supports over 180 different models of desktop phones and conference room speaker systems. You can also use the GoToConnect desktop and mobile apps to place calls directly from your computer or smartphone. Notably, the service also offers support for SMS messages in the US and Canada.

The GoToConnect software includes essential features like caller ID, call forwarding, and call recording. However, this platform doesn’t come with its own storage space for your recorded calls. You’ll need to purchase and connect a third-party cloud storage service.

GoToConnect also has several different modes for supervisors to monitor calls. For example, you can use Spy Mode to monitor an existing conversation without being heard or use Whisper Mode to be heard only by your employee and not the other caller. These are the reserve of Premium subscriptions, only. Of course, you can also jump into an ongoing call as a regular three-way audio conference.

GoToConnect compatibility screenshot

GoToConnect is compatible with over 180 hardware devices, or you can place calls using the desktop or mobile apps (Image credit: GoToConnect)

Another plus, particularly for call centers and sales departments, is that GoToConnect offers very detailed call reporting. Administrators can see how many calls are coming in to each user or extension, how long those calls last, and even what locations they’re coming from. 

The software also provides a complete activity log that catalogs every call placed over your network, so you can export the data and run your own analyses as needed.

While GoToConnect is primarily a VoIP service, it also gives you access to the GoToMeeting video conferencing platform. This is nothing new in its segment, with most other providers opening up video capabilities.

GoToMeeting is itself quite comprehensive, offering features like screen sharing, a virtual whiteboard that enables participants to collaboratively draw on presentations, and in-meeting chat.

GoToConnect: interface and in use

We found GoToConnect’s web-based administrator dashboard to be fairly straightforward. If you use phone hardware sold by GoTo, the software will automatically recognize your devices. All you need to do is associate them with a phone number or extension. 

If you use your own hardware, the process is largely the same, except that you’ll need to install the GoToConnect software on your devices before setting phone numbers.

Setting up some of GoToConnect’s more advanced features did involve a little more work. For example, connecting a cloud storage space to hold call recordings wasn’t straightforward. GoToConnect offers instructions if you’re using Amazon S3, but not for popular cloud platforms like Google Drive or Dropbox.

GoToConnect visual editor screenshot

GoToConnect offers a very flexible visual editor for setting up call routing plans (Image credit: GoToConnect)

One of the things we liked best about using GoToConnect was its advanced call routing interface. The software includes a visual editor in which you can create a schematic for how calls should be passed through your network based on factors like what number was dialed, where the call originated from, what time of day it is, and how long the phone has been ringing. 

The editor enables you to drag and drop individual users and extensions around your schematic, so it’s easy to modify your routing plan at any time. You can also copy an existing routing plan and alter it, which is helpful for creating alternative call plans for occasions like holidays.

GoToConnect: support

GoToConnect offers support by phone and email during weekday business hours. The company also plays a big role in helping you set up your phone system, offering a short training session and consultation after your hardware arrives. This is not a particularly common offering, and it helps GoTo stand out above the rest, especially if this is your first time using VoIP as a business.

GoToConnect support October 2022

GoToConnect has an extremely detailed, if somewhat confusing, online documentation center  (Image credit: GoToConnect)

GoToConnect’s online support center is incredibly comprehensive, if a little bit confusing. The company has articles and user guides that answer virtually every question you could think of. However, there are few screenshots or videos, and many steps require you to first visit another how-to article. It’s easy to get lost, so using the documentation center requires some patience.

GoToConnect review

GoToConnect enables you to lock your audio and video meetings to limit who can enter (Image credit: GoToConnect)

GoToConnect: security

GoToConnect encrypts all of your communications by default, regardless of whether you’re communicating via VoIP or video call. For both audio and video conferences, you also have the option to lock your meetings. This keeps new participants in a waiting room until you approve them to join the meeting.

In terms of account security, two-factor authentication (2FA) helps protect somewhat against password leaks. 

The competition

GoToConnect’s primary competitor is RingCentral, which similarly bundles VoIP and business messaging with a video conferencing platform. For most businesses, RingCentral will be more expensive. 

RingCentral Plans start at $19.99 per user per month (paid annually), but you’ll need to upgrade to a $24.99 per user per month plan if you want more than 20 users, video conferencing, or integrations with software like Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365.

However, RingCentral’s call routing features aren’t as advanced as what GoToConnect offers. For most businesses, we think GoToConnect offers better value and a more flexible VoIP service.

Final verdict

GoToConnect is a very capable VoIP service that bundles phone, SMS messaging, and video conferencing. The service offers a simple, user-based pricing structure and is compatible with over 180 hardware devices so you can likely continue using your current VoIP-enabled phones. 

We especially like GoToConnect’s call routing, monitoring, and reporting features. These give you an impressive amount of control over your phone network and are very easy to use. Our only concern is its more expensive American and Canadian pricing, which may bring the service in line with more expensive and more advanced options. For UK, European, and Australian companies, it’s a no-brainer.

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