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Articleforge pairs deep learning with AI to offer users better content the more they use it.

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TechRadar Verdict

Articleforge is a lightning-fast tool for creating content that is not 100% usable without a human editor. The wide array of features covers almost all use cases, with solid pricing to boot.


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    Solid WordPress integration

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    Easy to use


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    Content tends to repeat itself

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    Requires detailed editing

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Having high-quality content is a necessity in the online world, but it’s also challenging to write well. Writing well is a time-consuming skill that is now being disrupted by the onslaught of web-based AI writing assistants. Articleforge tries to prove that AI writing assistants can offer great support for content writers, but does it succeed? 

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However, Articleforge pairs deep learning with AI to offer users better content the more they use it. That being said, the content is not always usable, as it requires heavy editing and fact-checking. So, set it and forget-it approach will not work with this tool. Read on to find out all of the details.

Plans and pricing

To kick things off, there is the 5-day “free” trial, for which you will be required to provide your credit card details. Keep in mind that you can cancel the free trial during this period. The other two plans are the Basic one and the Business one. The basic plan costs $27 a month, with the ability to save 51% if you go for the annual billing option. You will get up to 25,000 words for one user, API integration capabilities, and a great WordPress integration for automatic posting. Copyscape cross-referencing is included to ensure that the content it generates is plagiarism free. 

For the business plan, you will have to talk to sales to determine what you’re looking for and what the pricing will look like. It features a dedicated account manager to help businesses sail through effortlessly while offering a generous 500,000+ words per month. Again, all of these features can be customized and may vary from business to business.


Articleforge pricing options (Image credit: Articleforge)


In our experience, one of the best features Articleforge gives its users is to speed up the writing process. No, it will not offer ready-to-publish content, and no, it will not replace an experienced writer or editor. 

With that out of the way, it will offer recommendations for titles and automate SEO and WordPress publishing. Content can be produced in seven different languages (we’ve tested English only), which can help international blogs or ones that are multi-language. 

After signing up, content creation is as simple as entering a few keywords with the topic of your choice, and in under 60 seconds, the content will be generated. It will use the keywords and the topic you want to cover. 

When it comes to integrations, Articleforge offers a few very interesting ones, such as MS Word and WordPress integrations. Alongside these, it also offers SEO AutoPilot, CyberSEO, RankerX, SEnuke TNG, and a few others. All of the are easy to use thanks to the API key offered by the platform.

Interface and in use

Among the AI writing assistant platforms, Articleforge is one of the more user-friendly ones. The dashboard uses big, clear icons which are properly labeled. It holds your hand throughout the entire experience and leads you to the results you’re looking for. 

The fact that you can create an article in under 60 seconds by typing in your title and a few keywords speaks volumes about the simplicity of the entire process. It is accessible to total beginners and veterans alike.


Articleforge UI (Image credit: Articleforge)


Unfortunately, the platform does not have a help desk or a live chat. However, the entire idea behind a platform like this is that it will be so intuitive and easy to use that you won’t even need support. There is a detailed blog that covers most of the functionality where you can find answers for all functionalities and even some issues that have come up during use. 

Additionally, there are videos and documents that train users on how to use the platform to get the best results.


Articleforge is a web-based app, so besides the users making sure that their connection is secure, there are not a lot of security features to speak of. Payments are done through a third party that stores users' data; Articleforge does not handle users’ data.


We’ve given the paragraph writing capabilities of the platform a quick test to see how it handles a simple topic. The goal was to cover “Artificial intelligence helps writers be more succinct” in a single paragraph using a professional tone. The results were surprisingly good, with the algorithm itself claiming that the output should be checked by writers or editors before being published.

The sentence structure is difficult to distinguish from professional writers, and no mistakes were noticed in terms of grammar or syntax. All in all, a very positive surprise for our test, but keep in mind that the topic is very straightforward with few factual data requirements.


Articleforge Test (Image credit: Articleforge)

The competition

The competition among AI writing assistants is increasing, with Jasper AI being the closest competitor to Articleforge. It offers a wide range of features that target content creators and businesses; in terms of pricing, it is more expensive but offers crisper output. 

Scalenut is a less-known alternative. Its strengths lie in the field of SEO and content marketing. While it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that Articleforge does, it offers SEO automation and integration, which cannot be said for many AI writing assistants.

Final verdict

While the platform offers speedy delivery, simplicity, and numerous integrations, the quality of the output leaves a lot to be desired. Most of the content that the platform offers will have to be fact-checked. You can get better output with tailored input, but it requires a lot of testing, which uses up your “word meter.” 

All in all, it will significantly speed up the writing process; it can also help break through writer's block by offering title suggestions or offering a different way of looking at a certain topic. It is worth testing out, but leaning on it exclusively for all your content needs should not be an option.

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