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ApowerPDF review

A limited yet surprisingly pricey PDF editing tool

Our Verdict

This is far from a perfect program – particularly considering the price. If your needs are basic it's okay, but there are better tools out there.


  • Makes PDF editing very simple
  • Encryption and protection options available
  • PDF to image conversion


  • Rather expensive for what you get
  • Somewhat limited editing tools
  • Strange interface quirks

There's no shortage of PDF editors and PDF readers, but the choice is rather more limited if you're looking to edit them – particularly if you're looking to edit on the cheap.

ApowerPDF doesn’t exactly buck the trend of expensive PDF editors, but it's less costly than the big-name options out there. Is it any good, though?

Fire up ApowerPDF and you may well be surprised at just how basic the interface looks. This initially seems like a good thing, but it soon transpires that it comes as a result of the program being rather limited.

Things seem promising to start with. You can create PDFs from scratch, or from a large range of file types; convert existing PDFs to numerous image formats; edit unprotected PDFs; add password protection to files; and add and remove pages from existing PDFs.

For basic tasks, ApowerPDF has you covered, but when it comes to editing, it's found slightly wanting. Sure, you can edit text, and add or remove images, but there are no shapes, no image editing options and the program often has trouble editing PDFs that have been created within ApowerPDF itself, which doesn't inspire confidence.

User experience

Launching ApowerPDF reveals a clean interface with very few buttons – and this should serve as a warning. While the program is easy to get around and simple to use, it is undeniably limited.

The tabbed design makes it possible to work with multiple files at the same time, but this is something you're only likely to do when using the program as a PDF reader.

Editing options are basic to say the least, but there are some good tools for adding and deleting pages and splitting up sizable documents.

Conversion options are also good, but the interface suffers from some odd quirks such as the largely pointless Message and Account menus.

The competition

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