Google might have just killed off spelling and grammar checks for good

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Making any spelling or grammar errors in your work could soon come to an end thanks to a new AI-powered tool from Google Workspace.

The office software has announced Proofread, a new service that wants to stamp out any mistakes using the power of AI.

Utilizing the company's Duet AI platform, Proofread looks to supplant existing spelling and grammar checks, but also go above and beyond by offering a range of other productivity services as well.

Google Proofread

Google first announced Duet AI at Google I/O 2023, as the tech giant's response to systems such as ChatGPT which have kickstarted the current AI boom. 

Rolling out now to selected users, Proofread takes the form of a sidebar alongside your document listing and highlighting any potential errors or issues it has detected, and provide suggestions for a fix.

Google says the suggestion options will include the likes of:

  • Conciseness: Suggestions for making your writing more concise 
  • Active voice: Suggestions for making your writing more clear to readers
  • Wording: Suggestions for making words sound more dynamic or formal in context
  • Sentence Split: Suggestions for splitting up complex sentences to make your writing easier to read

The company says Proofread offers a much kinder and less intrusive way to suggest changes to documents, with the menu icon showing a blue dot when it has suggestions. Users can review all Proofread suggestions directly from the sidebar whenever they like, filtering out specific areas, and even customize the kind of suggestions they receive.

Google Docs Proofread

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The feature will be on by default, but can be turned off by heading to Tools > Proofread. It is currently only available as part of the Duet AI for Google Workspace Enterprise add-on, but may roll out to more users soon.

The news was announced at Google Cloud Next 23, where the company also revealed how much of its Workspace suite will be getting full Duet AI interoperability, bringing advancements in efficiency and productivity across the board.

The new additions include Google Meet, which is getting better lighting and sound, automated translated captions and real-time content snippets, and Google Sheets & Docs, which will get better content discovery tools.

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