US signs up more countries for its anti-spyware push

The White House
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The White House has announced six additional nations have pledged their support to an international coalition focused on countering commercial spyware.

With the inclusion of Finland, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Poland, and the Republic of Korea, the international coalition has significantly expanded its reach. These nations now stand alongside Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Denmark, France, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, and the US, marking a global effort to combat this threat.

The announcement at the third Summit for Democracy held on March 18, 2024 is a testament to the rapid growth and importance of the year-old coalition. It underscores the urgency of the issue and the global recognition of the need to combat commercial spyware.

Six more countries pledge to protect against spyware

The White House says the misuse of commercial spyware in authoritarian regimes and democracies alike presents risks to national security, endangering government personnel, information, and systems. Such technologies have already been used globally to intimidate opponents, suppress dissent, and even violate human rights and threaten civil liberties.

In a bid to combat increasing threats, America and other countries in agreeance with the effort have committed to ensuring that spyware remains aligned with human rights, the law, and civil liberties.

The countries have also committed to preventing the export of software, technology, and equipment to end-users who are likely to use them for malicious cyber activity, as well as engaging with other governments and bodies globally by sharing information.

As well as serving to protect, the coalition aims to uphold democratic values and foster responsible innovation. Similar to the Bletchley Declaration designed to address the risks of artificial intelligence, it is hoped that this top-level governmental approach will carry more weight in protecting countries, crucial services, and citizens.

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