McAfee wants to help maintain your privacy on social media with new tool

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McAfee has launched a new tool as part of its McAfee+ range, designed to protect your privacy on social media.

The aptly-named Social Privacy Manager will let users adjust over 100 different settings related to privacy on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google and YouTube. Adjustable settings for TikTok will be coming later.

The antivirus firm claims that such a tool is needed, as its own research found nearly two-thirds (62%) of social media users in the UK only wanted to share content with those close to them, but 43% don't adjust their privacy settings accordingly, with 56% of those saying it is difficult to locate or understand them. 

Easy management

"Sharing personal experiences and memories with friends and family on social media should be fun," said Roma Majumder, SVP of Product at McAfee. "With Social Privacy Manager, you can better manage your digital footprint and control who has access to content you share on social media." 

She also added that managing this content could help to protect users against identity theft, as personal photos uploaded to social media can be used by cybercriminals in acts of impersonation.

Even though there are over 100 privacy settings in the Manager, Majumder claims that "All you have to do is select your privacy preference in a couple of clicks and we'll do the rest," as it will automatically select the various parameters based on your given preferences.

"This means you'll have greater peace of mind to share your latest family snaps, post updates on loved ones, or connect with colleagues, knowing your private information, stays private," said Majumder.

The new Manager follows in the wake of other recent enhancements to McAfee+ products, such as improved McAfee Scam Protection for iOS. This AI-powered tool now has improved notification alerts on Apple devices, "alerting consumers about suspicious messages or URLs without any action required and providing insights into why those messages were flagged," according to the company.

The Social Privacy Manager is available on Android and iOS devices, as well as Mac and Windows PCs.


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