Nokia unveils AI tools to boost mobile operators

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Ttelco giant Nokia has unveiled a new tool to boost AI and machine learning app development for telecommunications operators. 

The AVA Data Suite runs on Google Cloud, with the main goal being to help communication service providers (CSP) standardize data and facilitate the development of such apps. To do that, it will provide CSPs standardized, pre-correlated data product packages for 4G, 5G, and fixed domains. That should speed up the development of AI tools, bringing improved network performance and better sustainability. Consequently, Nokia claims, this will improve subscriber experience and generate new revenue streams. 

At the moment, Nokia argues that the time required for data standardization in AI/ML applications these days can be up to four months. With the AVA Data Suite, it hopes to bring that down to three to four weeks.

Saving valuable time

Nokia also says AVA Data Suite “seamlessly integrates” with Google Cloud’s BigQuery and Vertex AI, with the goal of building “powerful use cases that drive innovation” in the industry.  Furthermore, the tool works with AVA Open Analytics, allowing CSPs to step away from centralized data lakes and into a hybrid data mesh architecture. 

“CSPs have experienced high costs, long lead times, and lack of agility when implementing AI/ML projects due to challenges associated with preparing and accessing high-quality data sets for these projects,” says Adaora Okeleke, Principal Analyst, at Analysys Mason said: “Nokia’s AVA Data Suite on Google Cloud will help resolve these challenges by providing a suite of curated network and IT datasets which can form a common data layer that can be exposed and consumed to accelerate an AI/analytics model, application development, and operations.”

With this offering, Nokia has joined an ever-increasing list of companies offering telco-specific AI tools. Just a week before AVA Data Suite was launched, Netcracker unveiled its GenAI Telco Solution, claiming it can be used to build, test, and optimize for telco-focused challenges such as customer care, or network operations.

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