No, this free cloud data migration tool will not save you from the dreaded "Gmail Full Storage error" — but at least SMBs will be able to move to a cheaper no-egress cloud storage option

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IDrive has announced the launch of a new free cloud data migration tool aimed at simplifying data transfers from alternative cloud storage providers. 

The IDrive e2 migration tool, which has no minimum set data limits, is free to use and allows businesses to avoid the cumbersome egress fees and hurdles typically associated with data transfers. 

Cloud migrations have traditionally been a costly, time-consuming process in which users are forced to enlist the services of a third-party tool to carry out a transfer - and relying on third-party services adds further costs and greater risk for users handling sensitive data, resulting in a challenging migration process. 

IDrive boost

According to IDrive, its new migration tool ensures that “data integrity and privacy” are maintained throughout the transfer process. 

The service uses “state-of-the-art” encryption protocols, which guarantee end-to-end protection for all data transferred. 

Raghu Kulkarni, CEO of IDrive, said the new tool comes in direct response to traditional migration challenges, adding that the company has taken a “proactive approach” to simplify and streamline data transfer processes. 

“With the release of our new cloud migration tool, we are eliminating the barrier for customers to move their data to IDrive e2 from other object storage providers,” he said. 

“We are seeing customers who want to leave other object storage providers, but cannot afford to with vendor lock-in. We are making it simple to move data to IDrive e2.”

IDrive vs Backblaze vs Wasabi

Industry counterparts such as Backblaze and Wasabi offer similar data migration options through their cloud storage products, placing IDrive up against stiff competition. 

Starting at $30 per terabyte each year, the IDrive e2 offers users no egress fees, and can also be purchased in a pay-as-you-go option at $4 per terabyte, per month.

Backblaze, meanwhile, offers users $6 per terabyte, per month through its B2 storage line. The provider doesn’t offer a yearly plan at this time. 

Customers are also entitled to free monthly egress fees, providing any transfers are within a 3x limit of stored data.

Additional data egress does carry a charge of $0.01 per gigabyte. However, users transferring to approved Backblaze partners are exempt from additional fees.

Wasabi object storage comes at a relatively similar cost of $6.99 per terabyte, per month. Customers are not subject to egress fees with Wasabi storage. However, there is a 25TB minimum required to use the firm’s migration tool. 

Wasabi also has a minimum storage duration policy of 90 days, meaning if stored objects are deleted before they have been held for this allocated time, customers incur a “Timed Deleted Storage” charge. 

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