Adobe chose a revolutionary cloud storage system for its popular video editor — and it could come to a computer near you

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Adobe Premiere Pro customers including artists and video editors will have the backing of Storj’s decentralized storage technology.

One of the key selling points is that the firm’s storage network generates up to 83% less carbon per TB used than hyperscalers like AWS and Azure, Storj claims. This is because of the nature of its decentralized approach, which makes better use of underused capacity.

Storj also claims its network reduces cloud costs by up to 90%, while also showcasing speeds that are roughly two to three times faster than its hyperscaler rivals. Now, video editors and artists using Premiere Pro will be able to tap into the decentralized network while retrieving files from the cloud on their devices.

The future of cloud storage?

The company has grown significantly in the last year, announcing a 226% year-on-year growth, while enjoying key improvements to its underlying technology. 

Research, for example, published with the University of Edinburgh shows a two-to-four-times improvement in transfer performance since last year. It found retrieving large quantum physics datasets from Storj’s decentralized network reached 800 Mbps.

The company claims this is vindication for its reliance on parallelism, which is built into the Storj network in the way data is distributed across thousands of points across the world. This network – with short distances between storage points – helps it achieve fast transfer rates, and eliminates the slowdown that happens when data is moved across the Atlantic Ocean.

Decentralized cloud storage was also identified as a key disruptor by Forrester, with a report predicting that it’ll disrupt the status quo of centralized storage the more that computing moves to the edge.

Adobe’s integration of Storj into its Premiere Pro software underlines the company’s success in recent years, given Adobe is one of the most influential software companies in the creative industry. It comes after a number of new Storj partnerships in recent months, including with Toysmith, Acronis and Kubecost, among many others. 

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