More affordable 31TB SSD to land sooner than expected to compete more aggressively with HDD — Phison's X100P could be this summer's surprise hit but won't be compatible with your PC

(Image credit: Phison)

Phison is a name that might be familiar to anyone looking for the best SSDs on the market right now, thanks to its quality products. One of the key players in NAND, Phison counts Micron, Samsung, Western Digital, and more as clients. 

The company took to the stage at Computex 2024 to unveil a range of new products and services, including the X100P, described by the company as an "SSD platform". 

"The new products on display not only reflect our technical strength but also our proactive response to market demands," Phison CEO K.S. Pua said. "We believe these innovative products will bring significant value and competitive advantages to our customers.”

The X100 is a beast 

Many of Phison's announcements are extremely technical, and it's unlikely that mainstream computer users will be impacted, at least directly. 

One of the notable product unveils was a new high-performance DRAM-Less E31T SSD storage solution, building on Phison's PCIe 5.0 E26 tech, the world’s first mainstream SSD achieving speeds of up to 10GB/s. These are aimed at notebooks and PC OEMs, the company says. 

There are also a range of new SSDs for data centers, as well as AI workloads and other high-intensity computing. Phison has released the world’s first native USB 4.0 Single-Chip Controller U21, too. 


(Image credit: Phison)

In terms of the X100P, Phison has really pulled out all the stops. "Utilizing Phison’s unique and patented CPU architecture, the X100 is available up to 30.72TB at only 21W. X100 is compliant with FIPS-140 standards for cryptographic modules and is available with other security specifications," according to the company. 

For anyone who's tried to build their own gaming PC, or looked for the best desktop PCs, having a 31TB SSD is, frankly, mind-blowing. The minimum capacity of the X100 is a not insubstantial 1.6TB, too. 

Unfortunately for anyone who is salivating over having such a whopping SSD, Phison says its high-performance X-series, the boot-drive B-series, the data center D-series, and the SATA S-series are not available to everyday consumers. 

As if that wasn't enough, Phison also unveiled the APEX Storage X16 Gen 5 High-Speed AIC Card, a beast of a piece of hardware that integrates 16 flagship PCIe 5.0 E26-controlled SSDs into a single-slot card.


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