Linux Foundation launches new industry push to develop better generative AI for enterprises

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The Linux Foundation has revealed a new initiative designed to improve the state of generative AI for enterprises.

The LF AI & Data Foundation’s most recent undertaking is the Open Platform for Enterprise AI (OPEA). It’s positioned as a Sandbox Project, serving as a testing ground for the Foundation's latest ideas and technologies.

More notably, it has the backing of leading companies involved in the development and deployment of AI, including Anyscale, Cloudera, DataStax, Domino Data Lab, Hugging Face, Intel, KX, MariaDB Foundation, Minio, Qdrant, Red Hat, SAS, VMware, Yellowbrick Data, Zilliz, and more.

Industry leaders commit to better GenAI

In a press release, the organization said the primary objective of the LF AI & Data Foundation’s is to nurture an open AI and data community, which it says will help “drive open source innovation in the AI and data domains” by means of better collaboration possibilities.

Ibrahim Haddad, Executive Director for LF AI & Data, expressed enthusiasm about the project’s potential to accelerate AI integration among enterprises: “We're thrilled to welcome OPEA to LF AI & Data with the promise to offer open source, standardized, modular and heterogenous Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) pipelines for enterprises with a focus on open model development, hardened and optimized support of various compilers and toolchains.”

Haddad added: “OPEA will unlock new possibilities in AI by creating a detailed, composable framework that stands at the forefront of technology stacks.”

The Linux Foundation said that the launch of the new initiative is very timely, adding that recent swift advancements in GenAI technology have led to a fragmentation of tools, techniques, and solutions that need to be addressed.

By standardizing components like frameworks, architecture blueprints and reference solutions, the Foundation remains optimistic that it can level the playing field as it and the rest of the world pushes for a more democratized AI.

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