Lenovo will now offer refurbished laptops — and even servers, to help cut hardware costs

Lenovo Group Limited simply known as Lenovo logo. is a Chinese multinational technology company specializing in designing, manufacturing, and marketing consumer electronics
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In a move that seems to have both sustainability and customer budget in mind, Lenovo has unveiled its Lenovo Certified Refurbished program, which will focus on selling reconditioned PCs and other hardware.

The initiative aims to tackle e-waste by extending the lifecycles of hardware and devices through cost-efficient and environmentally friendly choices.

Denmark, France, Germany, and the UK will be among the first countries to get the new option, but the Hong Kong giant has alluded to a global rollout soon.

Lenovo taps into the refurbished market

Lenovo cites its own research saying 62% of CIOs find it challenging for their organization to reach sustainability goals. By offering refurbished devices, not only will Lenovo offer a more cost-effective way for businesses to acquire hardware, but it will also help them to meet their sustainability goals, aligning with the circular economy to reduce electronic waste.

Anupam Garg, Lenovo Digital Workplace Solutions Offering Development leader, expressed excitement about extending Lenovo Certified Refurbished to TruScale DaaS, which is hoped to make sustainable IT more achievable for customers.

A 2023 study by the company found that three in five CIOs have turned to -aaS offerings for their tech stacks – Lenovo says its TruScale DaaS combines cost and waste reductions with efficient management.

Devices for sale through the company’s new refurbished store are set to undergo comprehensive data sanitization, suggesting that key components like storage and memory may be thoroughly wiped rather than replaced.

Among other reassurances, Lenovo will sell its refurbished devices with a minimum of three years’ warranty cover.

TechRadar Pro asked Lenovo about the scale of savings customers can expect when buying refurbished compared with new, but the company did not immediately respond.

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