Italy could be the next country to receive a billion-dollar AWS boost

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is reportedly in discussions with the Italian government about a significant investment aimed at expanding its data center operations in the country.

According to Reuters, The rumored 10-figure deal would see the company expand its cloud computing infrastructure in the country to fuel the continued AI growth.

As with other similar moves, the deal will likely also comprise other aspects designed to support the country and its citizens, such as training and upskilling efforts as well as local employment opportunities.

AWS to invest in Italy next

AWS already has a cloud region in Italy, counting clients such as Ferrari and Assicurazioni Generali on its books. With the likely upcoming investment, AWS will be hoping to attract even more customers thanks to more European-centric infrastructure.

AWS’s Italy investment comes amid a broader push to expand its European operations. A colossal $17 billion deal was recently announced in Spain, and a further $8.5 has been committed to expanding infrastructure in Germany. 

Amazon’s focus on building data centers that meet EU data privacy regulations are a clear effort to pacify not only customers, but antitrust regulators on the continent. Its recent Germany investment will fuel the early stages of the cloud giant’s European sovereign cloud efforts.

Accounting for around one-third of the market (the same amount as Microsoft and Google combined), Amazon Web Services has been on somewhat of a spending spree in recent months thanks to a resurging cloud market and heightened interest in artificial intelligence.

Recent Synergy figures support this trend, highlighting the 21% yearly growth that’s being measured across the cloud market, which is now worth an annualized sum of $300 billion as per the most recent quarter’s figures.

Amazon declined to comment.

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