If you're a long-term basic tier Google Workspace user, good news — you're getting extra storage for free

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In a rare win for longstanding Google users with business accounts, individuals with decade-old G Suite accounts (rebranded as Google Workspace since 2020) have received additional cloud storage, free of charge.

Despite Google’s preference (and frankly everybody these days) to push customers away from free and freemium subscriptions to more lucrative recurring plans, legacy G Suite account holders get to not only keep their existing free G Suite account, but they’re also getting storage boosts for free.

Although many customers have already transitioned to more modern Workspace offerings with pooled storage, resistant customers who opted to keep their free G Suite plans (‘for personal use’) were notified of the change via email recently.

G Suite storage boost

In an email to G Suite customers paying for additional storage – which they could do up until June 2022 through a separate subscription – Google warned that these subscriptions were now being canceled and refunds were being issued.

However, at the end of the email, the company added: “While the subscription was canceled, your storage limit has not changed, and you don’t need to take any action.”

A Google spokesperson has since confirmed (via The Verge): “Customers who received this notification will maintain their storage allotment and can continue using their existing account.”

The spokesperson also confirmed that those still paying for user-managed storage via Google Play, despite having migrated to newer Workspace plans, would also be affected in the same way.

t’s unclear whether legacy G Suite account holders who weren’t paying for additional storage have been dealt any upgrades, and whether the free storage aligns with the amount that was being paid for previously, or if it has defaulted to a set allocation.

TechRadar Pro has asked Google to confirm these details, but the company did not immediately respond.

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