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In a bid to further enhance ads with artificial intelligence, Google has announced that Performance Max is set to get access to its Gemini AI models.

The AI makeover comes as the company reveals that businesses with higher Performance Max Ad Strength are more likely to get conversions, highlighting the pivotal role that generative AI can play in helping companies to drive more sales.

AI-powered asset generation and image editing has already been game-changing for many customers since launching in November 2023, and the Gemini makeover is set to deliver even more results, Google said in a blog post announcing the news.

Google’s Performance Max gets Gemini AI boost

With this update, Performance Max is set to get the reasoning capabilities of Gemini, enabling the generation of longer headlines. Sitelink generation is also set to arrive as part of a later update.

Upgrading its image generation models to Imagen 2, Google will also enable customers to generate lifestyle images showing people in action.

According to the company, advertisers using asset generation in Performance Max campaigns have shown a 63% higher likelihood of achieving ‘Good’ or ‘Excellent’ Ad Strength.

Moving forward, Google has set out three separate steps that advertisers can take in order to maximize results, starting off with increasing the variety of images, including AI-generated assets recommended by Google and adapted versions of existing imagery.

Advertisers are also being advised to add videos, either by uploading their own or using AI-generated content.

Finally, Google is set to partner up with other platforms to make publishing images to a Performance Max campaign easier, beginning with a Canva integration that’s set to arrive soon.

For advertisers, these new features will ultimately offer more opportunities to target audiences and drive better campaign results.

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