Google Cloud is ending data transfer fees for good

Google Cloud
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Google has declared “cloud switching just got easier” by removing data transfer fees for anyone looking to change providers.

The company says the change, effective immediately and applicable globally, is a testament to Google Cloud's commitment to “support[ing] a thriving cloud ecosystem that is open, secure, and interoperable.”

The initiative aims to empower businesses with the added flexibility to adapt to evolving needs, enabling them to transition or adopt a multicloud network.

Google Cloud makes migrating free

In the announcement, Amit Zavery, GM/VP, Head of Platform at Google Cloud, threw a blow at Microsoft:

“Certain legacy providers leverage their on-premises software monopolies to create cloud monopolies, using restrictive licensing practices that lock in customers and warp competition.”

Microsoft has been in the news for several months over alleged anticompetitive business practices which make it expensive and technically difficult for customers to switch providers, attracting the attention of EU antitrust regulators.

Zavery also throws shade at AWS, which is said to be significantly more expensive than key rivals.

The announcement continues: “Customers should choose a cloud provider because it makes sense for their business, not because their legacy provider has locked them in with overly restrictive contracting terms or punitive licensing practices.”

Clearly, Google Cloud is campaigning for a better experience for all cloud customers, but it’s worth noting that the company has a much smaller market share compared with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

Mounting the pressure on its rival businessmates could, in turn, help Google attract more customers and boost its market share.

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