Github Copilot Enterprise AI coding assistant for businesses hits general availability, but it'll cost you

GitHub Copilot
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Github’s code assistant is finally here as part of Copilot Enterprise, with a price tag of $39 per month.

The code assistant will act as a chatbot that can reference a business's internal code repository to provide recommendations on code completion.

Copilot Enterprise consists of all of the usual goodies included in the Business plan, but adds on these developer-centric features aimed at large programming teams.

Business and team specific recommendations

One of the most intriguing features offered by the code assistant chatbot is its ability to reference an organization’s existing knowledge base in order to provide specific recommendations on a per-business case. You can ask it how to do a specific development process and it has the ability to tell you exactly what to do in line with the usual processes of the business.

This is particularly useful considering that many developers tend to move from business to business to expand their skill sets and compensation, and each businesses’ process is unique and takes time to understand. Therefore less time is spent on familiarization, increasing productivity.

While currently not released, a feature is coming soon that will let individual teams further fine tune the Copilot knowledge base so that it can provide recommendations specific to individual teams within a business. 

“We’re abstracting the complexity of generative AI and fine-tuning away from the customer and let them leverage their codebase to generate an optimized model for them that then is used within the Copilot scenarios,” Github CEO Thomas Dohmke said, speaking to TechCrunch.

As for Copilot Enterprise exclusives, integration with the Bing search engine is currently supported (in beta) allowing for more up-to-date recommendations from Copilot on subjects that may have changed since the chatbot was trained.

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