Former ecommerce giant Zulily shuts down

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Seattle-based ecommerce company Zulily has closed its doors after almost exactly 14 years of trade, blaming a “challenging business environment” for its decision.

The company said that, on December 22, it completed "an orderly wind-down of the business to maximize the recovery for the companies’ creditors."

The news comes after years of failed attempts to salvage Zulily's business, including several rounds of layoffs and a final sale to generate some additional revenue.

Zulily shutdown

Zulily has now entered an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors (ABC) which will see the company sell off its assets in a bid to pay its creditors.

It says this is despite "recent efforts to position the business for future growth," which have included layoffs in Seattle as well as other locations, such as Nevada and Ohio, over the past two years.

Prior to its notice, the company said that it had "attempted to" fulfill all pending orders and will continue to do so for around two weeks, by which time it hopes to have shipped them all. It has also promised to issue refunds where cancellations have had to be applied.

Ryan C. Baker, Vice President for Douglas Wilson Companies, which owns Zulily ABC, LLC, added: "If you have placed an order and do not receive it or a refund by January 22, 2024, please contact Omni Agent Solutions, our claims agent."

A separate FAQ document says that the process is expected to take between 12 and 18 months.

In the meantime, given the lack of customer service representatives, customers seeking refunds or those with credit on a gift card are being advised to file a proof of claim via

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