Dropbox unveils a host of new AI features aimed at tidying up your cluttered files

Dropbox Dash
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Dropbox says it’s been working hard to redefine hybrid working since the pandemic, and its latest AI-powered tools are among some of the most welcome to date.

The most game-changing – Dropbox Dash – has now entered its open beta stage after months of tweaking based on user feedback, and it could save workers hours of lost time that they didn’t even know they were losing.

At the same time, the company announced a host of updates and new features across its platform to keep workers busy and customers turning a profit.

Dropbox gets another AI overhaul

“Was it in an email? A chat thread? A shared doc?” – says Dropbox in a blog post. Dropbox Dash is a response to the fact that our work now spans tens, if not hundreds, of apps and interfaces. For those times when you can remember a file’s topic, but not where it was saved or sent, Dash uses AI to comb through linked accounts to bring up the most relevant results.

Elsewhere, some minor tweaks have been made to the web interface to make it cleaner and more inviting, and Dropbox AI can search through more types of content using natural language prompts.

The San Fran cloud storage company will also begin to roll out Dropbox Studio, a new video collaboration tool, over the next couple of weeks. It’s meant to plug the gaps that Dropbox Capture and Dropbox Relay leave open, with an emphasis on creating, editing, reviewing, approving, and publishing videos.

To keep up with these new features, a revised business subscription structure has also been announced. Essentials, Business, and Business Plus will cost $22, $24, and $32 per user per month, each with incrementally more features.

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