Downtime could be one of the worst things to affect your business - here's why

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Major legacy infrastructure challenges are causing IT decision-makers to report negative impacts on their businesses, a new report by Hitachi Vantara has claimed.

Its study of more than 200 North American and European IT leaders, which explores subscription- and consumption-based ITaaS models, found that more than half (56%) of businesses reported a significant impact on revenue due to technology downtime.

Revealed in the research is a series of challenges facing IT departments, which are increasingly important in companies and enterprises globally.

Legacy technology is costing businesses time and money

According to Hitachi Vantara, security, inflexible systems, isolated data, and the need for infrastructure agility are all causing major headaches for IT workers. Add to that the pressure of a skilled labor shortage and increasing costs, and the need for a clear solution fast becomes apparent.

Despite evidence that legacy solutions are failing businesses, almost half (45%) say they have difficulties navigating complex cloud landscapes, which could be preventing them from modernizing their organization’s IT.

Gary Lyng, VP for Product and Solutions at Hitachi Vantara, said: “...complexity is hindering innovation.”

Speaking of the increased importance of a stable and strong-performing IT environment, Lyng added: “In today's digital age, IT is not just a department; it’s a driving force that propels progress.”

Moving forward, the study revealed that a growing number of companies are shifting their spending patterns to new ITaaS models in order to better predict and budget for future spends. Today, around half (56%) use ITaaS for all of their primary infrastructure, but Hitachi Vantara’s analysis suggests this could grow to 86% in the next three years. The results, said the ITDM participants, were an average reduction of 20% to their total cost of ownership.

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