Despite hack and senate complaints, Pentagon says it will continue Microsoft usage

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Despite several recent incidents, including a Chinese threat actor compromising the email accounts of a number of high ranking government officials, hosted by Microsoft, the Pentagon has said it will continue to use the company’s services.

A letter from two US senators to US Department of Defence CIO John Sherman states that the Pentagon is “doubling down” on Microsoft, which has caused “serious concern”.

Microsoft is currently under investigation for the breach, with the Cyber Safety Review board suggesting that the breach was the result of a “cascade of failures” on the part of Microsoft.

Faith in Microsoft

US Senators Eric Schmitt (R-MO) and Ron Wyden (D-OR) said in their letter [PDF] that the Pentagon was continuing to embark upon its “failed strategy of increasing its dependence on Microsoft at a time when Congress and the administration are reviewing concerning cybersecurity lapses that led to a massive hack of senior US officials' communications.”

“The Department of Defense is one of the largest purchasers of cybersecurity services. Through its buying power, DoD's strategies and standards have the power to shape corporate strategies that result in more resilient cybersecurity services,” the letter continued.

The letter further highlighted the Senators concerns around an increasing reliance on Microsoft, rather than a diversified approach which would “result in greater competition, lower long-term costs, and better outcomes related to cybersecurity.”

Earlier this year, a DoD contractor was breached by a IntelBroker, who stole a significant amount of personal information relating to the Five Eyes intelligence alliance.

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