Crafting your perfect Google Doc is about to get a lot easier

Google Docs
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Google has announced a series of new building elements coming to Google Docs to help make formatting and creating your document much smoother.

Google and Microsoft have been head-to-head in recent months in a constant race to release new AI tools for their office software, but this new formatting functionality will have an equally strong impact on those using Docs in the workplace.

Even better, users can customize the tool to suit their exact work requirements, and we’re all getting the update free of charge.

Google Docs formatting boost

New shortcut buttons at the top of a document present users with the option to insert pre-formatted content, such as meeting notes or email drafts, without having to worry about setting up how the page looks.

Selecting more allows users to pick from “custom blocks of text, tables, and chips to build reusable components” (according to Google’s previous announcement).

Google says that the new row of shortcut buttons will only appear at the top of new documents, so existing work won’t be interrupted by unnecessary intrusions. 

The company hopes that the addition of shortcuts will help boost worker productivity, but it’s not just Google Workspace accounts that are destined to see the change. All accounts, including individual users, will be included.

Rollout for rapid release domains has already started, but it may take until the first few days of November for some scheduled release domains to get the update.

More generally, a feature that individual users aren’t going to be getting any time soon is the $30-per-month Duet AI for Workspace subscription, which brings the company’s latest generative AI tools and AI writers to workers’ fingertips inside many of the most popular Google Workspace apps.

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