Bad news GPT fans — Microsoft is only allowing some users access to this Copilot Pro feature now

Microsoft Copilot Pro
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Microsoft has surprisingly announced it will be removing GPT Builder, also known as Copilot GPTs, from its Copilot Pro subscription service.

The decision, effective from July 10, will significantly reduce the appeal of the $20 monthly subscription, which allowed users to create personalized generative AI tools using documents and custom instructions.

Alongside the now-discontinued GPT Builder, Microsoft’s Copilot Pro subscription also includes deeper integration with its Office apps, such as World, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

Microsoft removes value from Copilot Pro subscription

The change, first reported by Windows Latest and confirmed by Microsoft through an email to Copilot Pro subscribers seen and shared by the publication, confirms:

“We are removing Copilot GPT Builder from Copilot Pro beginning on July 10, 2024. This will allow us to focus on different AI features that improve Copilot Pro.”

From that date, users will no longer be able to create and configure Copilot GPTs, and they will also lose access to Copilot GPTs that they had previously created.

Microsoft added: “With your subscription, you can continue to use Copilot in Microsoft 365 apps, generate and edit images with AI faster, and enjoy priority access to the top-of-the-line models during peak times.”

The shift suggests that the tech giant could be unhappy with Copilot’s growth in the consumer market, possibly alluding to a low usage of GPT features compared with business and enterprise customers. It could also be an effort to improve the GenAI bundle’s cost efficiency.

However, with Microsoft removing value from its subscription in its streamlining effort, questions are raised surrounding the company’s commitment to bringing generative AI to the masses.

TechRadar Pro asked Microsoft to clarify a few details about the change, but we did not receive an immediate response.

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