A sub-$200 Cyber Monday deal from one of our favorite portable power station makers

Anker 521: $220Now $200 at Amazon
Save $20

Anker 521: was $220 Now $200 at Amazon
Save $20
Anker’s 521 is an excellent portable power bank that comes with an upgraded LiFePO4 battery, which is covered by a five-year warranty. With an impressive 256Wh capacity and six output ports, it proves to be a perfect companion for camping trips and outdoor adventures. This product boasts one of the largest flashlights available in the market, and it also has more USB-C ports compared to many of its competitors. 

  • In the UK? There's no Cyber Monday deal, but the Anker 521 portable power station is currently £189 at Amazon

It's not hard to find some fantastic Cyber Monday portable power station deals, but we think this one is worth a look. 

The Anker 521 is now down from $220 to $200 at Amazon

This highly portable power bank boasts an upgraded LiFePO4 battery, covered by a five-year warranty. With a 256Wh capacity and six output ports, it's ideal for working outdoors, hiking and camping, and powering devices during brown-outs and black-outs. 

We've tested plenty of the best portable power stations, and this one has one of the largest flashlights available right now. It has more USB-C ports than many of its competitors. We also like the power-saving mode, so you can conserve the battery when you can't easily charge.

We've been very impressed with Anker's other power stations - and we especially like the Anker Powerhouse 767 with its built-in wheels for easy mobility. The 521 model is a much more portable option. 

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Why choose a portable monitor on Cyber Monday?

Do you need a portable power station? A portable power station is a compact and portable generator powered by a battery that can provide AC and DC power for various devices and appliances. It's essentially a large battery pack with integrated inverters and outlets that allow you to power your devices without using a traditional gasoline-powered generator. The Anker 521 is an excellent choice for a high-quality power station at a lower price, thanks to Cyber Monday discounts.

Portable power stations have many benefits that go beyond their portability and convenience. The top-rated portable power stations on the market offer versatility, allowing you to connect a wide range of devices, from laptops and smartphones to small appliances, power tools, and even refrigerators. Unlike gasoline-powered generators, portable power stations operate quietly and emit no fumes, making them ideal for indoor use and in sensitive environments. Many portable power stations can be recharged using solar panels, providing a sustainable and environmentally friendly way to generate electricity.

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