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Sage One Payroll review

Manage your business's accounts in the cloud

Sage One Payroll
Sage One Payroll


  • Cloud based
  • Easy to use
  • Nice interface


  • Some risk entrusting the cloud

For anyone who works for, or runs a small business, Sage's payroll software will probably be familiar.

This new release, Sage One Payroll, is the developer's first completely cloud-based service, rather than a traditional software package that you install locally. The move to the cloud provides some instant benefits that will appeal to anyone who has used payroll software before and is worried about backup, or needs to provide a centralised database for numerous employees.

Keeping your payroll and invoices on remote servers means you no longer have to worry about losing critical data if your admin machine fails. By accessing everything via a web browser, users can work on the data regardless of what computer they use and where they are. If another user needs to access the data, they can get the most up to date information just by logging in, and all changes they make will be visible to other users.

This removes some of the hassle of setting up a server to handle the payroll software's data, and configuring the software to save its data there.

You should always think carefully before entrusting a cloud computing company with sensitive information like this, but Sage is a trusted name in payroll software and it's not likely to go out of business any time soon, taking your data with it.

Sage One also provides a new interface that's easy to understand and attractive - a world away from some of the dull and complex windows that small business owners have come to associate with payroll software.

Setting up your business details and adding employees' information is quick and easy. Once that's done you can use the software tools to view summaries and process pay, quickly generate reports, and create HMRC forms like P35 and P60 End of Year certificates.