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Kingston Data Traveller Elite review

Expensive but stuffed full of usable space

It's small enough to tempt James Bond on a covert mission to download 4GB of files

Our Verdict

It's fantastically overpriced, but works well


  • 4GB of space


  • Expensive

£200? This flash drive should come with loan approval. 4GB of flash storage is not to be sniffed at, but it doesn't justify a longer review.

Think of what you could use all that space for - games, music, or a complete backup of your most treasured files. Whatever, it's a huge space for something smaller than a stick of lippy, and features a neat security feature that password-protects the data.

Granted, this is more use to a man in a suit than a man in jeans, but there you go; for £200, you need something extra. For £200, it should peel grapes, and do a little dance. Sadly, we can't have it all.