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Freecom Databar (16GB) review

16GB storage for £24, a bargain or what?

The Freecom Databar keeps it simple and offers good value for money

Our Verdict

There's not much to say about the Databar, other than it does its job well and for a very decent price


  • Low price
  • Good bundled software
  • Plenty of storage


  • Underwhelming design

This latest Databar from Freecom packs in 16GB of space for a mere £24 (inc. VAT), which at £1.50 per MB is amazing value.

The design is simple, being a black plastic stick with a separate lid and an overall weight of 9g. Being USB you don't need to install drivers and it works equally well with Windows and Apple laptops.

It has an 8MB read and 7MB write maximum throughput, which is quick enough for most purposes. The cost is kept down by not bundling any software with it, other than a trial version of Carry it Easy, which allows you to synchronise files with your laptop, as well as encrypt data, thus locking it away from prying eyes.

This is a simple USB key with plenty of space, but you'll find it an essential tool.