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The future of domain registration and web hosting

Diminishing domain names and decreased website visibility are changing the landscape of the Internet.

Finding a suitable URL that ends in “.com,” “.net,” or “.org” isn’t an easy task. Furthermore, it takes a long time to establish a new website as an authority for a product or service.

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But all is not lost for website developers and IT enterprises. By employing strategy to domain name searches, and choosing high-quality website hosting, professionals can see near instant high-traffic results, even on newly established websites.

Get Creative with a Generic Top Level Domain

TLDs, or Top Level Domains, used to be necessary to get the public’s attention. But, the ability to snag a good “.com” has dwindled. The short, punchy “.coms” have all been acquired. If you want a really snappy one, you’ll have to pay a lot of money.

A lot of new companies can’t afford the URL they want, so they’re forced to choose an unremarkable URL, which has resulted in many businesses embracing Generic Top Level Domains (gTLD).

A gTLD allows parties to get really creative with their domains. For example, you could create something clever, such as: “” or “” There’s a lot of benefits of choosing gTLDs, including:

Improved search engine ranking

If you’re a baker, you may choose the gTLD “.cookies.” “fresh.cookies” would result in your website ranking for the popular search term: fresh cookies.

Increased branding and visibility

In the article, “Branding with New gTLDs: The Next Marketing Frontier,” author Annalisa Roger notes that, “New gTLDs are powerful and inexpensive marketing tools…” She goes on to state that they “give relevancy to the registrant within the market sector, and are desirable to a new generation of Internet users.”

Improve Website Visibility with Innovative Web Hosting

If your hosting company doesn’t consistently update with new features, ditch that host! You’re not just paying for space; you’re paying for uptime, reliability, and a host of other services.

Your hosting service should provide forward-thinking strategies for new websites, as well as a quick start site builder. These things are going to help you create your site faster, and provide you with a visible base. The last thing you need is to waste time and money creating a website no one can find.

Here’s some examples of what a modern hosting service should provide businesses:

· Unlimited disk space

· SSL certificate

· Site builder

· SEO add ons and services

Your web hosting service should improve your visibility from the get-go and the services offered should evolve and update with the Internet’s changing landscape.

On the technical side, hosting services like Arvixe have set the bar by providing unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfers, and unlimited email addresses.

Never Get Too Comfortable…

It’s important that you don’t allow your website’s design and content to grow stagnant. Build a website that is interactive, feature driven, and provides relevant content and information.

If possible, hire a writer to maintain a blog or contribute content that’s related to your product or service. If the content is good, you’ll establish yourself as an authority and garner more traffic.

It’s important to continue to change with the ever-changing environment. Do what the web demands, such as incorporating photos, videos, and other content.

If other sites are doing it, and having success, you should change your practices and do it too. If you don’t get too comfortable with any one design, you can build a successful website.