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White is the new black for Goodmans TV

The Goodmans GTVL19W17HVFW LCD TV and DVD combi is the perfect partner for Sony's white PlayStation 3

You wait ages for something white to come along, and then two products turn up on one day. First up, of course, was the Sony PlayStation 3 we reported on this morning. And now there's this: the matching Goodmans GTVL19W17HVFW LCD TV / DVD combi.

Luckily there's more to the Goodmans GTVL19W17HVFW than just a perfect colour match. Under the hood it also boasts a 19-inch widescreen display with 800:1 contrast ratio, a Freeview digital TV tuner, 1440 x 990 image resolution and an HDMI port. Goodmans even says this of its new TV:

"This TV will also deliver superb gaming graphics when connected to the latest game consoles."


High def TV on a budget

Other key features include a built-in USB port and SD card reader, Nicam stereo sound and dynamic noise reduction for when you want to clean up noisy images from analogue broadcasts (an analogue TV tuner is also built-in).

Goodmans says you'll get the best results with this 720p set by hooking it up to a Sky HD box or even a Blu-ray or upscaling DVD Player.

And at £325, we reckon it could well be worth a punt.