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PlayStation Mobile loses PS One classic games

PlayStation Mobile loses PS One classic games
Classic gaming not for mobiles

Sony has decided to ditch offering PS One games through its PlayStation Mobile service.

Revealed at its Gamescom press conference but seemingly swept under the carpet, the move means that PS Certified phones and tablets – including the likes of the HTC One X, S and V and most Xperia handsets – won't get access to retro gaming, instead the PlayStation Mobile Store will offer original content only.

PlayStation Mobile is a cross-platform gaming service which was originally unveiled as the PlayStation Suite back in early 2011 and was billed originally by Sony as the middle-ground between hardcore and casual gamers.

Not-so classic

If you fancy playing old PS One classics, then you will have to get a PS Vita as Sony's handheld will have access to over 100 titles from the archives from August 28, including Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid, and Resident Evil 2.

With sales of the PS Vita not quite where Sony would like, this is a shrewd move by the electronics giant – albeit one that will annoy those who have bought a PS Certified device and were hoping for some old-school gaming action.

Via Xperia Blog