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Atlas to complete Nokia Windows Phone 8 trio

Nokia Windows Phone 8
Two's not enough for Nokia and Microsoft

A third though not-so-different Nokia Window Phone 8 device is pegged for release soon.

Codenamed "Atlas," the phone is said to be virtually identical to the "Arrow," a mid-range device that AT&T and T-Mobile will pick up.

However, Arrow and a second device, the "Phi," have a tentative announcement date September 5 while the Atlas won't make it's debut until later this year.

Atlas is said to be a Verizon version of its straight shooting doppelgänger.

Tertiary device

Atlas completes the rumored trifecta of Nokia Windows 8 handsets that'll be announced in the coming weeks and months.

The carrier's hero device, the Phi, is said to have a Lumia 800/900-esque large curved display and polycarbonate body. AT&T will carry this puppy exclusively.

Arrow is a Lumia device, too, sources say; and presumably the Atlas will be as well.

All device names are code names, by the way, though name changes at a later stage might be a miscue by Nokia.

When the carriers plan to unleash these phones on the world remains unknown, but TechRadar will keep you posted on any and all developments.

Via LiveSide and The Verge