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Times Online pay wall erected next spring?

Murdoch planning to block out the Sun (online)
Murdoch planning to block out the Sun (online)

The Times website, Times Online, could find itself behind a pay wall as early as spring 2010, despite owner Rupert Murdoch not confirming whether the site will hit its original pay wall target of June.

The NMA is reporting that it is full steam ahead for Murdoch's plans to turn his UK newspaper websites into subscription sites.

This is a model which is already in place for the Wall Street Journal, which charges an annual subscription of £72, and has done so since 1996.


According to a source close to the Times, the charging of content will be part of the site's scheduled revamp in April next year.

This week, Murdoch was interviewed about his stance on his newspaper content being aggregated on sites like Google.

In the interview he mentioned that all of News International content may disappear off the search engine in the near future.

Although the future of the Times as a paid-for site looks to be written, the source did note that the dates for the building of pay walls for both the Sun and the News of the World sites were not yet finalised.

We'll fill you in on the 'boobs for bucks' pay walls if and when the dates are set.

Via the NMA