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Leading game firms head economic hit parade

Nintendo and other games firms are streaking ahead of the field

We knew the market for video games software and hardware was booming like never before, but new research from the Far East shows how far the trend has progressed.

According to the analysts at Eurotechnology, the income of Japan's top game companies has now outstripped that of the traditional electronics giants like Sony and Panasonic.

The data show that the top nine games firms have a net annual income that beats that of the leading 19 electronics makers combined.

Young upstarts

While former captains of industry such as Sony struggle to restructure their business to cope with the instant-on demands of the net age, more agile players in the gaming space are quicker to deliver product to connected devices like phones and home consoles.

Clearly, the old brigade have much work to do if they're to catch up to Mario and co and remain relevant. Perhaps a PS3 price cut will help – eh, Sony?