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PS Vita TV shows its stuff, streams PS4 and PS Vita games in ad spot

PS Vita TV logo
The PS Vita TV is so far Japan-only, but that might change

The PS Vita TV still remains something of a mystery, but a new Japanese video showed off some of the new microconsole's functionality.

The ad shows the PlayStation Vita TV streaming a PS4 game, Knack, over Wi-Fi to a TV, and playing an upcoming PS Vita game, God Eater 2, on the TV as well.

The new-ish PlayStation console also allows users to stream media, including video and music, from a variety of services.

The Vita TV is currently only announced for Japan, but there's hope that it will head to the UK, Europe, and the US eventually, possibly next year.

A Vita niche

Before now we've seen little of the Vita TV in action, so this promotional spot provides a welcome glimpse.

The PS Vita TV is priced at 10,000 yen in Japan, which translates to the low price of around $100/£65/AU$106.

It doesn't offer the portability of a PS Vita, but with such a low price tag and an interesting feature set the Vita TV could prove a success.

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