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Government PCs part of Ukrainian botnet

Computers compromised
Computers compromised

A Ukrainian botnet includes computers inside the UK government, according to security experts Finjan.

The BBC reports that 'several PCs' inside six government bodies have been infiltrated with malware and are part of a two million strong botnet being run out of the Ukraine.

Finjan, the security company that traced the botnet, has reported its findings to the Metropolitan Police.

Neither confirm nor deny

"It is Government policy neither to confirm nor deny if an individual organisation has been the subject of an attack nor to speculate on the origins or success of such attacks," Finjan's Yuval Ben-Itzhak told the BBC.

"We constantly monitor new and existing risks and work to minimise their impact by alerting departments and giving them advice and guidance on dealing with the threat."

The news comes hot on the heels of a report that the Pentagon's most costly military project, the Joint Strike Fighter project, has been victim of cyber espionage.

Plus, earlier in the year, the BBC bought a botnet to illustrate the problem, but waded into a sea of controversy over the way in which it decided to go about it.