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Zoom is driving further into the customer service market

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In its latest move into the customer service market, Zoom (opens in new tab) has announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the AI (opens in new tab) and automation platform for customer support Solvvy.

Once the acquisition closes, the two companies will provide elevated customer service experiences to enterprise businesses on a global scale and work together quickly to capitalize on new opportunities in both the contact center and customer support segments.

President of product and engineering at Zoom, Velchamy Sankarlingam explained in a press release (opens in new tab) how acquiring Solvvy will help boost its Zoom Contact Center (opens in new tab) offering which launched earlier this year, saying:

“The nature of customer experience is transforming fundamentally, as enterprises increasingly need to deliver exceptional, personalized, and effortless customer experiences. Solvvy understands this shift and is the ideal platform to enhance our Zoom Contact Center offering. Solvvy’s differentiated AI and machine learning technology, deeply talented team, and an easy-to-deploy solution will help accelerate our roadmap to creating a concierge-level experience for customers worldwide. Together, we are excited to help businesses of all sizes improve their customer retention, increase operating efficiency, and set new standards for customer service and satisfaction.”

Redefining the contact center

Zoom Contact Center is the first omnichannel contact center platform that is optimized for video conferencing (opens in new tab) with a robust suite of channels including video, voice, SMS and live chat (opens in new tab) in a single, user-friendly experience.

By adding Solvvy’s proprietary tech to its contact center offering, the company will be able to build it out further with scalable self-service and conversational AI. At the same time, Zoom Contact Center customers will benefit from an automated, integrated and easy-to-deploy contact center as a result of Zoom’s Solvvy acquisition.

Once the acquisition is complete, Zoom will incorporate and expand Solvvy’s capabilities across its Zoom Contact Center Platform. The transaction is expected to close during the second quarter of the company's fiscal year 2023 and neither company provided details on the terms of the sale.

As employees begin to return to the office (opens in new tab) and organizations implement hybrid work (opens in new tab) policies, Zoom’s move into the customer service space makes a great deal of sense now that video calls are no longer as in demand as they once were during the pandemic.

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