Zoom is getting into the customer service business

Zoom on Mac
(Image credit: Zoom)

Zoom has announced an expansion into customer service with a new expansion called Zoom Contact Center. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Zoom Contact Center is still built around video conferencing calls, letting companies quickly interact with customers but it's not limited to it. 

The goal is to streamline everything that goes into customer service into one tool, easily accessible and usable by operators and mangers alike, with customers able to integrate Contact Center directly into their current workflows. 

Zoom Contact Center

At launch, Contact Center will have over 100 features for every involved, including agents, supervisors, and administrators. Zoom is also planning a bevvy of future updates, including deeper support for CRM tools. 

Zoom Contact Center is launching in the US and Canada first with unspecified international markets to follow later in 2022. 

“Previously, contact center infrastructure was complex to deploy, expensive to operate, and time-intensive to upgrade. Zoom Contact Center was carefully designed to meet the needs of the modern agent and end customer, both of which expect a personalized, digital, and effective contact center experience,” said Zoom's Oded Gal.

Zoom was a clear winner from the pandemic, which forced workforces across the globe into working from home. 

The company's stock started 2020 at around $73 before reaching a record high of $559 on October 12. Now, Zoom trades at around $126, far below its record high, as people return to offices. 

Zoom has also been under intense pressure from Microsoft, which moved quickly to expand Teams to companies across the globe, many (or maybe all) of which have a pre-existing relationship with Microsoft. 

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